We have worked with the NewTechWood products on a couple of our client's homes. The Ultrashield wall cladding system and narrow gap decking was very easy to work with. The secret fixing system was simple and effective. The staff at Urban Direct Wholesale were great to deal with also. We were supplied with a complete set of samples to be able to show our clients the product and explain the benefits of the system. Orders were filled on time and when we required extra material quickly to complete jobs they were happy to help. We are more than happy to recommend the NewTechWood UltraShield products to our clients when asked what product to use on Decking and wall cladding situations.

Troy Hunter - Construction Manager at Roy Hunter Builders

Okay. So people around me told me that composite decking is the way to go for longevity and less maintenance. I think the words were ....``Why would you bother with the constant worry of oiling and sanding or all that crap!``. I agreed, after all, why would you want to spend countless years worrying about the money to spend on regular maintenance if there was a better alternative.

So, I set about looking at all the possibilities. It took months.

I collected samples of all the major brands and decided, with summer looming, to test what we could and see what was the best. No laboratory testing, no special circumstances with simulated exposure to sun or people walking 10000 kilometres across the deck. A simple test that involved placing the samples where we wanted to use it and exposed to the elements how it would be “in real life”.

I grabbed a table knife and using the flat side of the tip, with even pressure, attempted to score the surface on all samples. Interesting results. The so called “top of the line” performed the 2nd worst.

Then I placed all samples out in the sun for 8 months through the warmer months. They were all sitting next to each other on a concrete slab with no protection. They were covered in sand and garden clippings when I mowed, moved in the wind, even sat in water after it rained. A perfect test of all the possibilities.

We then collected new samples from all the suppliers for comparison. Boy were we astonished.

NewTechWood came out on top.

The knife mark I placed on the board at the beginning was barely noticeable at the start and seemed to fade somewhat over the time. The colour was spot on with the new sample, even though they were most likely different batches. No signs of shrinkage or swelling from the water they were sitting in. I even tried the surface mark test again with the same knife. Same result even after months of sun and abrasion.

It was a clear winner and the other products faired average to poor. There was one other product we did find performed just as well, but very expensive in comparison.
Bang for buck, the NewTechWood is our product of choice and will be used in several locations now we know it can handle wet areas as well.

One thing I didn’t mention above. I used a calibrated thermal imaging temperature probe to check surface temperatures during the test. Hey, I want to walk on this stuff not hover above it. Once again, the NewTechWood with the core holes proved to be the best. And I am talking a clear winner. Surface temp was around the 54oC. Others reached 65oC. But the real eye opener was what happened when you stood on it. The temp of the core hole version dropped to below 40oC once you stood on it and lifted your foot off. The key to the design is the core holes. Less thermal mass to dissipate.

I almost burnt myself on one type as it is pretty much solid plastic.
For my Wife and I, Newtechwood is the product for us and we have about 1002m to cover. We had to make the right choice.

Glen Woollard, Baldivis WA

Thanks Piera for the time you took with us, we found you very professional and informative and will send clients to see you when they need advice, thanks again.

M. Doolan - A2Zed Building and Maintenance, WA

``The NewTechWood Decking is looking great and proved easy to install even with my limited skills. My friends have commented on how good it looks``.

Trevor Matthews - Managing Director at MZI Resources Ltd

I really enjoyed working with the product. It was easy to cut and work with - the clipping system makes it very easy to install, in fact installing the decking was actually the easiest part of the job! Once it was completed, it looked amazing! I would recommend this product to anybody who is looking at either installing a new deck or redoing an existing deck. The best part of it is, no sanding or staining ever again!

Adrian Terace - Maintenance Manager at Pindan Pty Ltd

We created a small but effective composite decking using NewTechWood. The material was really good to work with – highly recommend! Thanks again and we look forward to working with NewTechWood more in the future.

Mark Turvey - Gemini Carpentry

Franz Building Supplies has chosen to sell Newtechwood because of its unique price point, aesthetics and the customer service at Urban Direct Wholesale.

Julian Wright - Franz Building Supplies

To anyone who is looking for a quality decking board. I highly recommend this product. Great look and very durable.

Glen Wellington - Installer/Landscaper

I called at Homebase in Subiaco and accessed several stands advertising Decking. I had the good fortune of meeting up with a representative of Urban Direct Wholesale, Piera West. She was extremely helpful. She not only answered the many questions I had but embraced my project and came up with a lot of helpful alternatives. You seldom get service like this these days. Well worth the visit.

Marcus - NewTechWood Customer Stand 188 Subiaco Homebase