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  • Terrace, Silver Grey

    How to Clean Your Decking Boards

    A deck is perfect for outdoor entertaining. However, it can also require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good all year round. Keeping your deck clean all year round will make them look better and protect them from weather damage and any other problems that can arise over time. Regular cleaning and maintenance is […]

  • Composite Vs. Natural Timber Decking: Pros & Cons

    As you plan your new dream deck, one of the crucial choices you’ll need to make is what type of decking product to use. Do you stick with traditional timber, or take a leap forward and opt for the increasingly popular composite timber decking? Here we explore the pros and cons of composite vs. natural […]

  • Timber and Water – Fencing & Decking for Your Seaside Location

    Here in Perth, especially in the western suburbs, it’s great to live by the beach to find relief from the hot summer sun. However, that scorching sun and that beautiful salty air that feels so great against our skin aren’t so great for our outdoor areas and building exteriors. Special care and consideration need to […]

  • Firepit Table outdoor setting

    Hottest Outdoor Living Designs for 2017 (Updated 2023)

    Summer was designed to be enjoyed. Make the most of it by turning your outdoor living area into a personal outdoor sanctuary – a place where you can invite your friends and family to share lingering afternoons and brilliant summer nights. If your outdoor living area needs revamping and you’re out of ideas, then get […]

  • Should I paint over my worn timber decking?

    Painting over worn-out timber decking is certainly tempting – a quick fix to get you through another season. If you ask us, “Should I paint over my worn timber decking?” we have to say, “No.” Why you shouldn’t paint over a worn timber decking? Decking that is worn and flaking is unattractive, but it is […]

  • Restaurant, Bar & Hotel Al Fresco Area Inspiration

    Summer is right around the corner, and for Aussie restaurant, bar, café and hotel owners that means that more and more of your patrons will want to sit outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. To give your customers a pleasant and satisfying experience, now is the time to get your outdoor area looking its best. […]

  • Front Garden - Castellation Cladding

    Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

    When you decide to use NewTechWood decking, cladding or screening in your home, that’s an investment for years to come. Not only you’ll enjoy your home outdoor without daunting maintain tasks, but this investment will increase the value and appearance of your home. In a hot Australian housing market, selling a home doesn’t require much […]

  • 5 Timber Decking Inspection Tips You Need to Know

    Timber decking can be a beautiful addition to your home or business outdoor living area. However, it is crucial, particularly in the business setting – whether at a hotel’s poolside or a café’s al fresco dining area – that the deck be properly maintained to preserve the safety of your employees and customers. So, there […]

  • 6 Sustainable Building Tips to Coincide with Green Building Day

    With six months passed since the signing of the momentous Paris Agreement, embracing sustainability is becoming the wave of the future. Green Building Day in Perth is right around the corner with many of the leading names in construction and environment coming together in Curtin University to discuss how the building sector must modernise practices […]

  • Composite vs. Timber Decking and Fencing – Is Timber Worth It?

    If you’re planning on installing a deck or fence in the near future, or if it is time to upgrade your current installation, you’ve got a decision to make. Will you go with traditional timber, or will you choose composite materials? Both of these options have their share of benefits and drawbacks. Read on to […]

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