NewTechWood are Australia’s leading suppliers of high-quality joist tape.

NewTechWood joist tape is a self-adhesive, waterproof tape.

Applying joist tape to a deck in Australia

Applying joist protection tape.


Extend the life of your deck

  • Easy to install self adhesive waterproof tape
  • Shields joists, beam and cut ends from moisture
  • Helps prevent decay and wood rot
  • Made from rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive
  • An aesthetic alternative to painting the top of sub frames
Product CodeDescriptionDimensionsPackingUOM
JT-50Self adhesive Joist Tape50mm W x 15240mm L8 rolls / cartonCarton (8 rolls)

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Extend the life of your deck

NewTechWood composite decking boards have a 25-year limited warranty. However, the substructure of your deck (i.e. the joists and beams supporting your deck) may start to split and rot after around 10 years – unless it is effectively maintained and protected.

Joist tape provides a low-cost, effective way of preserving the joists and beams, thereby extending the life of your deck’s substructure.

NewTechWood deck joist flashing tape is a self-adhesive, waterproof tape. Specifically designed to shield the joists, beams and cut ends from moisture, it prevents decay and wood-rot.

By creating a seal around the deck’s screw-holes, the tape restricts moisture penetration and also prevents the screws from loosening.

Made of a rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive, this non-skid, anti-stain tape is UV-protected and will withstand the harsh Australian conditions. It can be applied in any temperature, summer or winter. Unlike protective paint, joist tape is super-easy to use, does not create mess and saves you time.

NewTechWood’s simple peel-and-stick joist tape is so easy to install, it’s almost child’s play, but we do have a simple 2-page visual installation guide to assist.

Each roll of NewTechWood joist tape is:  5cm x 1524 cm.

As one of the leading suppliers of joist tape in Australia, we have resellers placed throughout the nation, meaning you can buy locally. So, whether you’re looking for joist tape in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere in between, we can help. Visit our Store Locator page to find your local retailer.

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