Wall Cladding

Exterior Composite Timber Cladding

NewTechWood Wall Cladding

  • Long lasting
  • Fully finished product – no painting or oiling
  • UV protection
  • Residential & commercial applications
  • Concealed fixings
  • Environmentally friendly – made from 95% recycled materials
  • Perfect for coastal locations

NewTechWood® external wall cladding is the ultimate solution for exterior walls for both residential and commercial applications. NewTechWood cladding is perfect to add an attractive architectural feature to your building project. For durability and longevity you can’t go past a fully capped wood composite. It is high stain & UV resistant making it long lasting with no maintenance.

NewTechWood Advanced Capped Composite Material has a strong & durable polymer shield which fully caps the core.

The Core is made of 60% recycled dense wood fibre mixed with 40% high grade recycled plastics (HDPE).
The Shield is made of special engineering grade polymer and additives with a water absorption rate as low as 0.1%.

Utilising hidden fixings that hold the boards perfectly in place as well as raising them up from the wall joist system, allows for air circulation between the cladding and joists.

With a full range of finishing accessories available to complement the project, the finished product will give a high end look without the need of periodic maintenance.

It is a fully finished product meaning you do not need to treat it with a moisture barrier.
Being fully capped it is hydroscopic – it is impervious to water absorption

Why NewTechWood for your cladding project?

NewTechWood wall cladding provides a modern contemporary look with the Shadowline profile.
And NewTechWood provides a system of integrated finishing profiles to make installation easy and to give your project a seamless quality.

NOTE: Please be aware that board widths may vary + or – 2mm.


US31Shadowline Cladding Board142mm x 13mm4.88mMaple, Walnut, Silver Gray
US20Corner Fascia40mm x 40mm2.8mTeak, Walnut, Smoke White
US44End Trim46mm x 45mm2.8mMaple, Walnut, Silver Gray
US45Butt Joint Trim79mm x 23mm2.8mMaple, Walnut, Silver Gray
US46Outside Corner Trim58mm x 58mm2.8mMaple, Walnut, Silver Gray
US47Inside Corner Trim71mm x 71mm2.8mMaple, Walnut, Silver Gray

Shadowline cladding boards can be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Material: Aluminum
Size: 20 * 15 * 28mm
Installed on the joists and used as the connection between each cladding board
Material: Rubber
Size: Ø 18 * 8mm
Installed on the joists to support the cladding board when installing the last board
Material: Aluminum
Size: 15 * 14.5mm
Designed to fix the first cladding on the joist
Locking Screws

For detailed installation guidelines download NewTechWood Wall Cladding Installation Guidelines

It is important the wall cladding is installed according to the instructions so you do not void the warranty.

(Download full Cladding Installation Guide here.)

Step 1: Install Aluminum or Wooden Joists
*Note: Install an aluminum or a wooden joist at the bottom to prevent insects from crawling up.

Step 2: Install End Corner Fascia US44, Joist Fascia US45, Outer Corner Fascia US46, Inner Corner Fascia US47

*Note: The distance of 500 mm between screws for US44,US45,US46 and US47 is recommended.

Step 3: Install Start Clip AW02

Step 4: Install Wall Cladding Boards (US09, US30 or US31)

Step 5: Installing Wall Cladding Clip AW08

Step 6: Continue Installing Wall Cladding Boards

Step 7: Install Gaskets at the Top of the Joists

In Australia we stock wall cladding in a total of five (5) colours depending on your choice of ShadowLine or Tongue & Groove profile. For larger projects we can order from the full colour range.

ShadowLine US31 Colours

The above colours are indicative only and may vary according to your computer screen. We recommend you visit one of our display centres and obtain a free sample to match accurately to your colour scheme.

For larger projects you can order any of the full colour palette available – subject to minimum order quantities and lead time to allow for manufacture and shipping.

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