Landscape Drainage Cells and Water Management Solutions

Thinking of adding a rooftop or vertical garden to complement your New Tech Wood deck or screens and need drainage cells or other landscape water management products?

AtlantisOur parent company Urban Direct Wholesale supplies the Atlantis brand of water management products. Atlantis is the leading international provider of water management and greening city solutions.  Their mission is to create sustainable urban designs turning major environmental problems into assets.

Many architects and engineers specify Atlantis drainage products for a variety of uses, such as road and sports field drainage, leachate collection and flood mitigation, car parks, subdivision development, stormwater harvesting, onsite detention tanks and infiltration tanks, to name some.  Many landscape architects also specify Atlantis vertical garden products and drainage systems for roof gardens and vertical garden applications for commercial and residential projects.

Atlantis flo-cell

Take the Atlantis Flo-Cell, for example, a permeable drainage product suited to any subsurface filtration application, ranging from planter boxes and roof gardens through to roads and railways.

It comes in three sizes: 20mm, 30mm and 52mm. With an efficient modular design, they can be joined together to form scalable areas from small backyards to large civil projects.

This product was initially developed to facilitate adding rooftop gardens and planter boxes to building construction without adding heavy aggregate as drainage, which placed severe limitations on the structural design of the building.  It was so successful that the drainage cell became a landscaping industry standard that is now used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Planter box filtration
  • Void fill
  • Roof garden filtration and water management
  • Retaining wall filtration
  • Porous pavement filtration – pedestrian and vehicular
  • General landscape filtration and water management
  • Groundwater problem management
  • Sports field filtration and water management
  • Railway filtration
  • Road filtration, seepage protection and water management
  • Civil works projects filtration and water management
  • Bio-filtration systems for pollution remediation

Are Flo-Cells Necessary?

Many professionals believe so.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Rapid Drainage – it efficiently drains excess water while retaining optimum moisture levels, which is the perfect solution for planter boxes and roof garden applications.
  • Lightweight – Definitely don’t need cranes or specialised lifting equipment.
  • Strong Structural Design, engineered for use in drainage-critical applications.
  • Versatile – The Flo-Cells can be installed horizontally or vertically and are easily configured to meet project specifications.
  • Quick and easy Installation – much faster than traditional aggregate drainage systems
  • High Infiltration – 90% void ratio.
  • Biological and chemical resistance to contaminants.

Why Choose Atlantis?

It can get confusing when so many brands on the market make the same promises. Here are some reasons to choose Atlantis:

  • As the original inventors, Atlantis have been around the longest and have accumulated more knowledge, experience and expertise, as shown in the quality and versatility of their products.
  • Quality Control – Atlantis pre-test ALL batches – they don’t just do random testing – and tests are done according to ASTM D1621 Standard test method for compression properties of rigid cellular plastics. This guarantees their quality is both assured and predictable.
  • They can meet demands with dozens of stockists and offices worldwide and Australia wide.
  • They offer engineering support (before, during and after) – design life calculations, design support and installation support – all just a phone call away. This provides you with streamlined project flow from consultancy through to design and installation.


drainage cellsdrainage cells 2


How Can You Tell the Real Atlantis Product from an Imitation?

You can tell authentic Atlantis Flo-Cells by the patented diamond pattern – the only flo-cell that has it and which provides the extra strength.  You can also tell you have authentic Atlantis products by looking for the Atlantis trademark which is imprinted on every piece.

Atlantis brand drainage cell

To find out more about solutions for rooftop gardening challenges or incorporating New Tech Wood decking and screening into your urban oasis, contact the team at New Tech Wood today.

Grow Your Own Vegetables in Small Spaces

Find out how to grow your own vegetables in the smallest of spaces and enter our Mother’s Day competition before May 12 for your chance to win a vertical garden kit. Read our latest blog for details.

‘Pot’ Farming (With a Difference!)

The trend to cultivate healthier, chemical-free, organic vegetables is growing.  Many of us are concerned about the over-use of chemicals on our vegetables, but buying organic is not always possible.

We all want affordable, healthier food and growing your own makes sense.  Plus, there is something very special about the taste of fresh, untainted home-grown produce.  It’s also very convenient to have your favourite herbs and veggies growing right outside your back door.  And for others, there is the simple pleasure of mixing one’s hands in the rich soil, planting seeds and watching them flourish.

However, if you live in a city apartment with limited balcony space, chances are the idea of farming your own veggie patch is not something you’ve entertained recently. The good news is you can grow your own vegetables, even with limited space.

We’re not talking tiny pots of chives growing on the window-sill, although you can do that, too.  We’re talking large pots of chives…and parsley, mint, sage, tomatoes, lettuce, chillies, and anything else you want to grow in your very own veggie patch.  And we’re not talking about allotments or shared gardens either.  We’re talking about that tiny space you call a balcony.  You see, you can also grow your vegetables in pots vertically…not horizontally.  More on that later.

Windowsill Gardens

windowsill pots, grow your own vegetablesFor starters, you have prime farming land sitting right on your windowsill, perfect for your own herb ‘garden’. The beauty of this is when it is raining, you don’t have to go outside to pick your chives or parsley – it’s right within hands-reach, and you know it’s good quality and bursting with flavour.  In fact, if you’re a novice gardener, a window-sill herb garden is a great place to start.

Some of the easiest herbs to grow on your window sill include chives, lemongrass, parsley, mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, and coriander. It’s best to buy young plants that haven’t already been growing outside and don’t expect too much from them in winter. Don’t plant all your herbs in one container. You only need one bully herb with an invasive nature and before you know it, it will have taken over the container.

Each container should have drainage holes and they prefer terracotta pots to plastic.  Place small pebbles in the drainage tray for the pots to sit on for improved drainage and ventilation, which will also help stave off fungus.

If you are starting from scratch, use a good quality, organic potting mix specific for herbs.  And of course, as with all living things, they also appreciate being ‘fed’ occasionally.  Make sure you use a fertiliser specifically for herbs and does not promote ‘flowering’ because you don’t want your herbs to ‘flower’.

Don’t over water your plants. If your leaves start to yellow, they are getting too much.  Let the soil dry between watering, but not so dry that your plants wilt!

Branch Out to the Balcony

Once you’ve achieved green-thumb confidence, you can branch out (pardon the pun) and farm your balcony.  You can make room among your potted palms and flowerpots for vegetables.

Some of the easiest vegetables to grow in pots are tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, beaStrawberry plant vertical, grow your own vegetablesns, peas, spring onions, beets, spinach, eggplant, zucchini, kale and radishes.  You can also grow strawberries.  Be adventurous.

Terracotta planters are great for balcony veggie gardens and you can also buy special hanging containers just for growing tomatoes and strawberries, but as with most things in life, you can spend as much or as little as your budget allows.  Some people start their gardens off in ice-cream containers with holes in the bottom!

Make sure you place your balcony plants per their needs – some prefer plenty of sunlight while others appreciate the shade.  You will also need to re-pot your young plants as they grow larger.  If you don’t, it would be like you trying to cram your size 7 feet into your childhood sandals.

Again, your vegetables will thrive when given a little food now and then. Your garden centre can advise on the best fertiliser for your vegetable(s) and read the instructions for how often to feed.  Some fertilisers are slow release over a few months while others only last a couple of weeks.

Grow Your Own Vegetables – Go Vertical

Now you know there is no excuse for not being able to grow your own vegetables and herbs, regardless of living space.  Ah, but what about those whose barrier to farming is their balcony is so small they can barely fit a table and chair on it?

Vertical garden, grow your own vegetablesWell, thanks to products like Atlantis’ Gro-Wall Vertical Garden kits, that’s no longer a problem. Now, everyone can have their veggie patch and eat it too! With their standard Gro-Wall 4 kit and their new thinner Slim Pro kit, everyone can enjoy a garden on even the narrowest balcony.You can plant a mixture of your favourite vegetables intermingled with pots of colourful flowers and leafy green ferns, and best of all, you can pack up your vertical garden and take it with you when you move.  All you need is a blank wall.

In fact, this Mother’s Day, if you live in Western Australia, Urban Direct Wholesale is holding a Mother’s Day competition and your mum can win a fabulous Atlantis Gro-Wall 18-pot vertical garden kit of her own!  All you have to do is visit their facebook page, click on the video, tag your mum and say why she should win.

The lucky winner will be chosen and notified on 12 May 2017. Happy gardening!