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Your Natural Looking Choice for Fully Capped Composite Timber!

Discover the Beauty of Nature, Engineered for Life

Are you seeking the perfect balance between the timeless allure of natural wood and the practicality of modern materials?

Look no further! NewTechWood is undoubtedly  the most natural-looking composite timber on the market. Our fully capped boards offer an array of benefits that will transform your outdoor living space.

The Authentic Aesthetic

NewTechWood is all about bringing nature’s charm to your doorstep. Our composite timber boards are meticulously designed to mimic the rich, organic appearance of real wood. The result? A stunning outdoor oasis that captivates with its authentic, natural look. Say goodbye to the artificial and hello to the genuine.

Built to Last, Virtually Maintenance-Free

When you choose NewTechWood, you’re choosing durability and convenience. Our fully capped boards are engineered to stand the test of time. No more worrying about rot, decay, or termite infestations. Enjoy your outdoor haven without the hassle of constant upkeep. NewTechWood is ultra-low maintenance, giving you more time to relish your space and less time working on it.

Versatility That Inspires

NewTechWood’s fully capped composite timber isn’t just for one purpose. It’s your canvas for creativity. Whether you’re an architect, builder, designer, or homeowner, our products are designed to inspire. Create breathtaking decks, elegant cladding, secure fencing, and so much more. With NewTechWood, your vision becomes a reality.

Trusted Partnerships Across Australia

NewTechWood collaborates with a vast network of trusted resellers across Australia.

This means you can access our premium products through established resellers network across Australia, ensuring you get the quality and support you deserve.

Join countless satisfied customers who have transformed their homes and businesses with NewTechWood.

In partnership with an extensive network of trusted resellers, we help architects, builders, and designer to transform homes and businesses across Australia with our durable, sustainable, natural – looking boards. 

Transform your outdoors. Experience NewTechWood today.







Why choose NewTechWood?

  • Natural look and feel – it looks like real timber!
  • Fully capped – around all four sides
  • Low Maintenance – never sand, oil or paint your deck again
  • Made from 95% recycled materials
  • Ultra protection against moisture, UV and mould
  • Large range of modern colours
  • 25 Year limited Warranty

Our products

No more oiling, sanding, painting – ever!

We provide a suite of high quality and affordable outdoor and home improvement products that are sustainably made and environmentally friendly. Thanks to NewTechWood, you don’t have to oil, sand or paint your deck ever!








The NewTechWood Story

At the cutting edge of composite timber technology

We are pioneers

NewTechWood® is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of outdoor composite wood decking, wall cladding, fencing, screening, and garden furniture.  Since 2004 NewTechWood® has been at the cutting edge in WPC (wood plastic composite) technology, developing products that bring beauty and practicality to your outdoor living experience.

We listen to our customers

The secret to NewTechWood’s success is that we are responsive to our customers, contractors, home builder, architects and homeowners and we provide the materials to make their visions are a reality.

Sustainability is in our DNA

NewTechWood’s foundation was built on green principles and values.  Our parent company has been recycling plastic materials for over 30 years.  Our products are made from 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed wood fibres and high quality recycled plastic.

Where you can Find Composite Decking & Cladding Supplies?

The NewTechWood range offers you a one-stop-quality-shop for all your decking, screening and cladding needs. And as all products are part of the same family, you get consistency of colour and finish no matter the application. NewTechWood is proud to provide its products to Australian homeowners.

NewTechWood for a Better Australian Outdoor Life.

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Full NewTechWood range brochure

If you need more details about all NewTechWood products, download state specific product brochure

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Have more questions?
We have the answers.

  • Is NewTechWood composite timber maintenance free?

    NewTechWood requires No Oiling, No Sanding, No Painting.However, no product is totally maintenance free! Normal sweeping and cleaning is still necessary to clean off debris and dirt, and to keep your deck looking at its best. NewTechWood’s fully capped colour technology coats the boards with a high stain and fade resistant layer. This also makes the boards waterproof, so there is no need for any labour that would be necessary with regular timber.

  • Will NewTechWood composite timber fade because of exposure to the sun?

    NewTechWood’s superior technology gives the boards great Ultra-Violet resistance. When installed, cared for and maintained properly in the residential exterior deck environment, NewTechWood products provide fade resistance. However, no material is fade proof, especially when the materials are exposed to years of UV Exposure and the elements. NewTechWood warrants that the boards are resistant to colour change from light and weathering exposure as measured by colour change in excess of 5 Delta E (Hunter) units. Further references: Care & Maintenance Guide; Warranty.

  • What joist spacing is required when installing NewTechWood decking?

    Due to varying climatic conditions in different countries, joist spacing may vary.For the Australian recommendations, please refer to the Profile Tables on the specific Decking Product pages of the website, for each specific board profile. Generally, for Australian residential installations it is 350mm maximum span for the Metro Range; 450mm maximum span for the Terrace Range; and 400mm maximum span for the Coastal Range.The recommended spans for both Residential and Commercial installations are listed on the Decking Product pages’ Profile Tables.

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We have compiled a directory of installers who are experienced with NewTechWood composite products. If you need supply and installation quote, you can contact them directly on our Find and Installer page.

Although we recommend a number of experienced NewTechWood installers,  you might hire any other installer, as long as they adhere to our Installation guides.

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