Determine your decking needs with our handy decking calculator.

Board Width: 138mm

Estimate your decking quantities with our convenient decking calculator.

How to Measure your Area

If you have a decking area that is not a simple rectangle then break it up into separate areas so you can calculate the total square metres.

Please select the correct Profile first:

Deck SizeLength (M)Width (M)Area (M2)
Area 1
Area 2 (optional)
Area 3 (optional)
Area 4 (optional)
Total M2
Wastage %
Number of Boards required
TC-16 Clips
Starter Clips Used when board is laid horizontally against a wall. Allow for 1 clip per joist along the length of the wall.

Please note that NewTechWood METRO (Hollow deck boards) are to be installed on a sub-frame with joists that are no further apart than 350mm. If using the XL (Solid deck boards) the joist spacing can be up to 450mm.

Fixings are prepacked into Boxes or Bags which cannot be split.

Please note that these calculations are an approximation only so your overall pricing may vary if working off unit quantities and pricing.

Please refer to the following Installation guidelines before ordering your goods and embarking on your NewTechWood decking installation:

Send yourself an email with these details