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Relax with our labour cover and 25 year limited warranty

When you are building a deck, it’s a long-term investment. You want an outdoor space to bring joy for your family for years and decades.

By choosing NewTechWood, you’ll have a peace of mind, knowing NewtechWood is covered by a 25-year limited residential warranty.


   Important to know.

To be able to relax with our labour cover and a 25- year Warranty, you must:

  1. Install NewTechWood products per our Installation Guide. Any non-compliant changes in Installation may cause your Warranty to be voided. If you have any questions, please contact us prior starting installation.
  2. Ensure that NewTechWood products are properly used and maintained. Please refer to our detailed Care and Maintenance Guide.


What we cover

Urban Direct Wholesale as NewTechWood exclusive distributor warrants to the “original purchaser” of the NewTechWood products noted below will remain free from material manufacturing defects and will not:

  • Splinter;
  • Delaminate;
  • Rot;
  • Will not suffer termite damage and fungal decay in the following conditions:


  1. Under normal and proper service conditions,
  2. When installed according to the NewTechWood Installation Guidelines
  3. When used and maintained in an above-ground application.


It is important that products are installed as per the Installation Guidelines, using the recommended clip systems and joist spacing to ensure that you do not void the warranty.

Please be aware that there is no warranty against the occurrence of static.

Review NewTechWood Warranty document and check general conditions, exclusions and limitations.


Please note:  If you have any queries about installation please contact your supplier BEFORE proceeding with the installation so the product is installed for optimum life time.

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NewTechWood 25 Year Warranty with 2 year Labour warranty


Product Warranty period- residential Warranty Period Commerical
NewTechWood Decking25 years10 Years
NewTechWood Cladding25 years10 Years
NewTechWood Screening25 years10 Years
NewTechWood Deck Tiles10 Years5 Years
Owlia Lights3 Years/
NIVO Pedestals10 Years/

Warranty FAQs

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1. How long is the warranty cover for NewTechWood?

There is a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty, a 10-Year Limited Commercial Warranty, and a 25-Year Limited Stain Warranty.

In addition, a 2-year Labour Warranty is provided specifically to assist with the installation labour costs in replacing damaged NewTechWood boards. Refer to the Warranty document for the conditions and for the claim procedure.

2. Will NewTechWood composite timber fade because of exposure to the sun?

NewTechWood’s superior technology gives the boards great Ultraviolet resistance. When installed, cared for and maintained properly in the residential exterior deck environment, NewTechWood products provide fade resistance. However, no material is fade-proof, especially when the materials are exposed to years of UV Exposure and the elements.

NewTechWood warrants that the boards are resistant to colour change from light and weathering exposure as measured by colour change above 5 Delta E (Hunter) units. For more information, refer to this blog post and our Warranty document.

3. Can I install both sides of the NewTechWood boards?

Although only NewTechWood Terrace Decking boards are manufactured as two-sided, you can install decking boards with the bottom side up.

However, some of the qualities and features of the boards might not be valid if you decide to install the bottom of the board (for example, slip rating, and edge boards may not match)  and your Warranty might be voided for that specific feature.

4. Are NewTechWood Deck Boards prone to static?

Like lots of other composite decking materials, NewTechWood Deck Boards might sometimes pick up static. Static build-up is a natural occurrence observed in various plastic products. It tends to happen more in dry, windy places or at higher altitudes where the air is less humid. Plus, how much static you feel can change based on the weather and how long your deck’s been around.

Some people feel those little shocks more than others, like when you touch your car on a dry day. It’s advisable to minimise contact with metal railings and chairs to potentially reduce the occurrence of static shocks.

One approach to mitigate static shocks is to apply an anti-static product on your deck or use anti-static mats near doorways.

NewTechWood’s products have undergone testing based on EN 1815 standards for the Assessment of Static Electrical Propensity, demonstrating values below the maximum standard of 2Kv.


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