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  • A Window on How to Enjoy a Safer Australian Summer

    We’re not talking about sharks or creatures that bite in the bush.  We’re talking about enjoying summer in your own back yard without burning… yourself or your surrounds. It’s reassuring to know that NewTechWood composite decking comes with a BAL 29 fire rating.  However, not all products, including other brands of composites, enjoy high BAL […]

  • What Is Capped Decking and Do We Need It?

    Everyone loves a timber deck. It can transform the ugliest concrete courtyard into a place of beauty. The only downside to a natural timber deck is it comes with a lifetime of maintenance if you want to keep it looking good. The worst enemies of timber decking apart from termites are moisture and water, mildew and mould […]

  • Renovating Decking by the Coast

    Considerations for Buying or Renovating by the Coast

    Many people dream of living on the coast, envisioning long bare-foot walks on white sands, magnificent sunsets (or sunrises) glistening over the ocean, swimming and surfing the waves, luxuriating in those glorious summer evening breezes… and, of course, beach parties! If you’re considering coastal living, your first decision may well be whether to build new […]

  • What to Look for When Buying Composite Timber Decking

    With an increasing number of composite timber brands coming onto the market, choosing the right decking board is no longer an easy decision.  While price often plays a major role in the purchase decision, it is important to know just what you are getting.  So, here are some tips to help you choose wisely and […]

  • Can you work with composites the same way you work with timber?

    In short, yes. You will be able to work with WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking in much the same way you work with timber: cutting, drilling, screwing and even bending boards. The one thing you won’t be doing is using your nail gun. Many composites, like NewTechWood for example, are manufactured from a percentage of […]

  • Natural-Looking Timber Composite: Making the Right Choice

    Why do People Choose Composite Timber Over Natural Timber? There are many reasons why homeowners, renovators and tradespeople are opting for natural look timber composites over harvested timbers. They want to save forests. They want to save orangutans whose homes are harvested to provide us with Merbau decking. They want to minimize waste plastic going […]

  • How to Calculate Cost of Ownership of a Timber-Look Composite Deck

    Today’s trend is to create an outdoor space or ‘room’ that provides more quality living space for the family.  It allows you to enjoy the outdoors and it’s cheaper than building on an extra room.  Whether this is an extravagant outdoor space with kitchen and fans, or a simpler set up with just a BBQ, […]

  • Lighten Up Your Deck This Winter

    Thanks to outdoor heaters and fire pits, you can now enjoy your outdoors even in the colder months. The only question is how appealing is your outdoor patio in the darker, colder times of the year? Furthermore, how safe is it? Have you tried navigating steps in the dark while juggling trays of refreshments? Or […]

  • Hottest Outdoor Living Design Trends for 2018

    Looking for the hottest outdoor living design trends this year? In 2018, we are trending towards a natural, yet colourful look with earthy and neutral colour schemes and materials.  Truly liveable outdoor spaces will become ‘the norm’ in new homes. We will rejoice in contrasts and natural finishes and herald in the next ‘look’ which some […]

  • Go Green, Stay Green – Eco-Friendly Renovation Tips

    Once the catch cry of nature-loving ‘hippies’, GO GREEN has become a global movement and going green has become serious business.  In the building industry, regardless of whether it’s a brand new home or renovating an old weatherboard, today’s environmentally aware home-owner wants eco-friendly and value for money. It’s all very well for building material […]

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