Timber Composite Decking

NewTechWood Decking

  • Natural look and feel
  • Never have to sand, oil or paint your deck again
  • Fully capped for Ultra Protection against moisture
  • BAL 29 for bush fire rated areas
  • Pest and termite resistant
  • UV protection
  • 25 Year Warranty

A well designed al fresco area creates a stylish and functional area which makes your outdoor space more accessible. From lounging around reading, watching TV or dining with family and friends your deck provides the basis for a Better Australian Outdoor Life.

Choosing the right decking is important as it forms the foundation for your outdoor living area. It needs to be well designed, look stylish, low maintenance and be large enough to accommodate the activities you plan to enjoy outdoors.

A deck extends your home’s available living area and will also add real value to your property when you’re ready to sell.

Composite decking is a popular, environmentally friendly alternative to natural wood as it’s weather resistant, stain resistant and lightweight. Requiring next to no maintenance it allows you more time to live on your deck rather than work on it.

From our range of colours you are sure to find the perfect match to your décor.

If you live in a bush fire prone location, NewTechWood decking is now rated for BAL 29 areas.

To assist you in estimating the quantities of materials required we have provided a DECKING CALCULATOR

NewTechWood offers both hollow and solid decking boards in Australia.
Hollow core boards are lightweight and easier to handle and perfect for most residential situations. A common misconception about hollow boards is that they are inferior in strength. To the contrary, the arch structure of the void distributes pressure equal to the material absent from the core giving them the same fortitude as a solid board.

However, 25mm thick solid boards are also now available and they can span 450mm joist spacing. Solid boards are suitable for commercial applications and when replacing an existing decking set on a sub-frame with greater joist spacing than required for hollow boards.

The top of the decking boards is textured to give a more natural look and feel.  The textured surface has an R11 Slip Resistance rating.  The reverse side of the board is a smoother brushed finish. The R11 Slip Rating will not apply to the brushed side.

NewTechWood provide a range of finishing boards to use for fascias, picture framing, breaker boards, stairs and screening.

NOTE:  Please be aware that board widths may vary + or – 2mm.


CodeImageProductSpecificationLengthSpan On Centres
UH02Hollow Grooved Edge Deck Board138mm x 23mm4.88m350mm
US07Solid Square Edge Deck Board138mm x 23mm4.88m400mm
US49US49Solid Grooved Edge Deck Board138mm x 25mm5.4m450mm
US48 US48Solid Square Edge Board138mm x 25mm5.4m450mm
US06Fascia Board138mm x 15mm4.88m

For a modern, clean look NewTechWood has designed a secret fix system where the clips are hidden in the gaps between the boards. The clip slides into the grooved edge of the board and is screwed into the joist.

NewTechWood Australia provides the choice of two (2) different gap spacings between the boards – 5.5mm or the Mini-Gap 1mm spacing.

The TC-16 Clip system provides a uniform 5.5mm gap between boards, which is the standard for most decks in Australia.
The Mini-Gap Clip system with only a 1mm gap is perfect for commercial installations where public safety may be an issue. The smaller gap protects against high heels becoming lodged in the gap, and also prevents leaves or tree nuts from getting stuck between the boards.

CodeProductSpecificationsSuits BoardsGap
TC16Decking Locking Clip & Screw – Stainless SteelUH02, US495.5mmTimber Or Metal Fix
MG-1ADecking Mini Gap Clip & Screw – Stainless SteelUH02, US491.0mmTimber Or Metal Fix
MG-2ADecking Mini Gap Locking Clip & Screw – Stainless SteelUH02, US491.0mmTimber Or Metal Fix
MG3Starter Clip & Screw – Stainless SteelUH02, US49Timber Or Metal Fix
CS –Colour Head Stainless Steel Fascia Screws 8 gauge x 50mm, Self-drilling screwsUS06, US07, US08, US36, US48Timber Fix
CS –Colour Head Stainless Steel Fascia Screws 8 gauge x 50mm, Self-drilling screws (304 stainless)US06, US07, US08, US36, US48Timber Fix

For detailed installation guidelines download the following:
NewTechWood Decking Installation Guidelines
TC-16 Clip Installation
Mini Gap Clip Installation

It is important the deck boards are installed using the hidden clip system and in accordance with the Installation Guidelines, so you do not void the warranty.

Coloured Head Screws
When installing fascia boards or square edge boards for picture framing, those boards need to be top fixed rather than using the hidden fixing system.

  • Stainless steel grade: 304
  • Specially designed for conventional and capped composite boards
  • Best for invisible and neat finishes on fascia boards, screening, stair treads & square edge boards

When top fixing screws ensure you pre-drill the hole slightly larger than the screw to allow the boards room for expansion and contraction.

In Australia we stock decking in a total of seven (7) colours which cater to the needs of our customers and their decorating choices.



solid board colours


Note: Please consult your local reseller for stocked colours.

IPE, TEAK and WALNUT reflect the colours and textures of natural hardwoods, whilst STONE GREY, SILVER GREY and ANTIQUE provide an option to match to more contemporary decors.

PILBARA is our latest colour similar to reddish, jarrah tones. It is available only in the 25mm thick decking boards (and US06 fascias).
The above colour palettes are indicative only and may vary according to your computer screen. We recommend you visit one of our display centres and obtain a free sample to match accurately to your colour scheme.

For larger projects we can order any of the full colour palette available – subject to minimum order quantities and lead time to allow for manufacture and shipping.

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