What Are Deck Tiles?

There are many ways to spruce up your home from the outside, and deck tiles are one of the best. They offer an affordable, durable way to change or enhance your home’s aesthetic and are a must-have for most houses.

Do you want to renovate your outdoor area quickly but don’t want to pay ‘an arm and leg” for professional installation? Do you enjoy the look of timber decking but don’t want to spend much time maintaining it? Then Outdoor Composite Deck tiles might be the right product for you.

Deck Tiles Antique

Are Deck Tiles a Good Idea?

External deck tiles can give outdoor spaces a quick facelift and can suit different surfaces – patios, over existing decks, balconies, terraces, gravel and concrete areas, with little effort on your part.

There are many Decking tile brands on the market, but not all deck tiles are made equally – you can find cheap plastic tiles, but if you prioritise durability, and your deck will be exposed to elements, it’s always a clever idea to choose capped, and UV protected Deck tiles.

Deck Tile Pros

DIY Installation:

One of the best perks of having DIY Deck Tiles is that you can install them yourself without additional installation costs. The tiles interlock with each other via an interlocking plastic base – making it so simple that even your children can install them.

They are lightweight and easy to handle yet weigh enough to be kept in place without the need for adhesives, nails or screws. No special equipment is needed to install it.

Easy Replacement:

Each square tile can be easily removed and replaced without affecting the surrounding tiles. Buy a few extra tiles at the initial purchase so you have replacements if needed. That way, coming from the same batch, each replacement tile will match the existing tiles and not be noticeably different.

Even if you are simply bored with the current design of your tiled deck, you can pull them up and re-lay them using a different layout for a completely different look.

Easy Storage:

If you live in an area of harsh weather conditions and want to protect your deck tile investment, they are easily removed during those months, i.e. winter, and stored ready for reinstallation in Spring.

Can be installed over existing surfaces:

This will be good news for some. Unlike traditional decking, composite tiles can be installed directly over all flat surfaces like concrete slabs, existing decks, patios, balconies, paths, etc. You do not need to construct a sub-frame first. An added benefit of doing this is the deck tiles will protect the surfaces below from further damage.

Temporary Solution:

These tiles, which can be used externally and internally, are perfect for areas where you don’t want to install anything permanent. They do not damage existing surfaces. This is ideal for people who rent, and because adhesives are not used, you can simply pack your tiled deck floor up and take it with you when you leave.

Tile Variety:

As with traditional tiles and traditional decking, deck tiles are available in a variety of styles, colours, sizes, patterns and materials. They are not all made from wood or plastic… there are composites that are manufactured from both recycled timbers and plastic, making them eco-friendly as well as affordable.

Ability to Change Layout:

A fun aspect of deck tiles is the ability to lay them out in different designs and layouts. If you want to lay them to appear like traditional decking, you can. If you want to lay them to imitate parquetry, you can. If you are creative and want to produce a geometric design, you can. And you can keep changing your design whenever the mood takes you.

Low Maintenance:

You don’t have to concern yourself with having to “finish” your tiled deck. Generally, decking tiles do not need staining or painting. Just like NewTechWood decking boards, NewTechWood’s Deck Tiles can be installed straight from the box as-is, and the only maintenance required will be the occasional clean – which you would do with any flooring.

Environmentally friendly:

There are deck tiles that look like stone, real timber, or even grass and are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods that have no impact on the environment. A classic example is NewTechWood’s composite deck tiles, which enjoy the same famous eco-friendly reputation as their other traditional decking profiles.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But surely, it can’t be totally without any drawbacks. Well, we will be honest with you, nothing is without its flaws. So, let’s explore the cons…

Deck Tile Cons

Not Permanent:

Deck Tiles aren’t really designed to be a permanent, long-term flooring solution. They may look like it and last many years, but they aren’t permanent fixtures and can’t be expected to provide the same longevity that traditional decking can. For one thing, they aren’t permanently secured to the surface beneath them. If you want something long-term, deck tiles might not be for you.

Visible Seams:

Yes, depending on the layout you choose, your deck tiles can look like traditional decking, but due to the nature of the structure (square tile), obviously, there will be some degree of visibility of the outline of each individual tile. For some, this is not a problem; for others, it is. Keep in mind the degree of this “seam” visibility will depend on the brand and type of tile, and the layout pattern you use.

Adding Value?

They will add value to your lifestyle while you are utilising them, but as a non-permanent deck system, they probably will not add value to your home if you decide to sell. At least, not the same way a traditional, permanent deck would, especially for large areas. On the other hand, they won’t detract from the value either.


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