How to maintain your NewTechWood product

When you purchase a NewTechWood deck you will be amazed at how little time you will need to spend maintaining it.  That’s because with a NewTechWood deck there is no sanding and oiling required!

Of course, your deck will get dusty and dirty from normal living.  To keep it looking at its best, regularly clean it with water using a mop or broom to remove any built up dirt. To make the cleaning easier with you, we developed DECKWash, an Australian made, eco-friendly and simple -to-use cleaning product that can be used on any timber or composite product.

If you spill red wine, soy sauce, oil or other foodstuffs on the deck, the best thing to do is to flush it immediately with water, and lightly scrub with warm soapy water.

To avoid scratching the deck, place furniture pads (or small squares of carpet) under your outdoor chairs.  This will stop scratches from constantly sliding chairs in and out.


Around the pool, decking boards will not suffer from chlorinated pool water.  However, be careful not to spill undiluted chlorine or pool salt directly onto the boards, as these are strong chemicals and may stain the boards.  We recommend mixing your pool solutions away from the deck.

For more detailed information, download the Care & Maintenance Guide:





Care and maintenance Guide


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