Sustainability is in our DNA


If you want to minimise your carbon footprint by using innovative eco-friendly building materials from a sustainable process, NewTechWood is ideal for you.

NewTechWood products are made of 95% recycled materials and represent a sustainable alternative to wood. We use timber and plastic waste to engineer products that look and feel like natural timber – without the negative environmental impact.

Since inception NewTechWood has had a strong connection to recycling. Over 30 years ago, our parent company started as a plastic recycling company based in the United States. Their commitment to recycling led them to evolve into one of the leading manufacturers of engineered eco-friendly composite timber products.


We give the second life to plastic and timber

NewTechWood products are made from 95% recycled materials. The core is a mix of sustainably sourced hard & softwood fibres together with HDPE plastic.

By using recycled goods for manufacturing NewTechWood composite timber products, every year, NewTechWood saves over 30,000 tons of plastic from being buried in landfills forever.


We saved over 900,000  trees  so far.

NewTechWood uses only recycled, sustainably sourced timber; no single tree is being cut to make NewTechWood boards. This makes NewTechWood a popular sustainable building material.


Our commitment to the environment

  • No toxic and fossil-fuel-based chemicals
  • Independent third-party audits
  • We reduce the carbon footprint through all the processes

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NewTechWood demonstrates its green principles

Using recycled materials is just one part of our environmental sustainability commitment.

Composite timber products have many green advantages over ordinary timber, not just the use of recycled material. NewTechWood demonstrates its green principles and values through the following positive actions:

No toxic and fossil-fuel-based chemicals

NewTechWood composite timber doesn’t require ongoing maintenance – oiling, staining or painting – and is naturally termite resistant.  The fact that NewTechWood products do not need staining or sealing, means you don’t need any potentially toxic fossil-fuel-based chemical stains and sealants.

Independent third-party audits

Annual third-party audits are conducted to comply with environmental, health, & safety guidelines and regulations. We are committed to sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle.

We reduce the carbon footprint through all the processes

We continuously reduce our carbon footprint through waste reduction, energy conservation, and utilising an optimum manufacturing process. Since we control the entire recycling process – including the proper washing, sorting and screening for impurities – we know exactly what material is going into our products. Total vertical integration of our manufacturing process allows complete control for consistent quality and colour.


Green certificates and credentials

NewTechWood is recognised for excellence in sustainability, with several green certificates and credentials. Thanks to these sustainability credentials, NewTechWood has become a product of choice for outdoor green building projects.

NewTechWood decking, cladding and screening are now officially a recognised brand for architects, builders and designers sourcing sustainable outdoor materials for green or even LEED-certified buildings and projects.


LEED Project Compliance Declaration

The LEED rating system, developed by the US Green Building Council, is a major international standard for sustainability. It covers buildings, homes and communities designed, built, maintained and operated to high environmental performance.

NewTechWood has achieved a LEED compliance statement in the field of materials and resources. That means NewTechWood decking, cladding and screening can be used for any building project seeking LEED certification.

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Environmental Product Declaration Certfiticate

NewTechWood is also EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) verified, which means our products are sustainable choice for the building projects, as the EPD analyse the products’ carbon footprint through their entire life cycle.

Thanks to EPD certification, all involved parties in the building industry can compare and select products based on the environmental impacts and choose the most sustainable option.

Download our EPD Certificate

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