Are you investing in a NewTechWood composite deck  or natural timber deck and wondering how it should be “finished”?  Have you considered the benefits of picture framing your deck?  

Installing a border deck board around the outside of a deck is known as “picture framing.” The difference, visually, is immediately obvious, but of course, the benefits of picture framing your deck go well beyond mere aesthetics.  

Here are the why’s and how’s of picture framing your deck:

Hide Raw Ends

Raw cut board ends can be unattractive, although this finish is typical of traditional Australian homes, e.g. Colonial, Federation and Edwardian styles and Queenslanders. 

For modern homes, a cleaner, more finished look is desired and achieved by hiding the edges and corners of your deck boards with a “frame.”

Benefits of picture framing your deck

Protect Your Deck

If you have seen the edge of an old-style traditional timber deck, you will notice how worn and cracked the edges become.  The damage is so acute that these parts of the boards cannot be repaired and must be replaced. 

You could replace just the damaged ends, but you will experience a huge difference in timber colour and uneven wearing of your deck given the age difference with the original boards.

A border frame protects the ends of your deck boards from this unsightly cracking and splitting.

Decorative Appeal

Picture framing enables you to create special zones for your outdoor entertaining areas

For example, the area where you eat, a casual seating lounge, or a designated cooking area.

You can also use the picture framing technique to highlight a particular feature or to create a focal point. For example, a tree growing up through the deck, a water feature etc.   

Picture Frame Decking Pattern

One frame around a deck is neat and provides the benefits of picture framing, but you can also be adventurous and extend your deck area by using two or even three framing boards. 

The benefit of using two or three picture frame boards is purely for the visual effect… which can be stunning. 

(Image source:  BL Carpentry Services, TK)

WOW With Colour

Consider staining the framing timber boards in a contrasting but matching colour to the main deck for that bit of extra wow factor.

Another decorative technique used to frame composite decking projects is to use a different, yet complimentary coloured deck board for the frame. 

 (The image is NewTechWood Decking in Antique with Silver Grey border.)

Let There Be Light

Deck lights are a safety factor as well as an ambience booster, and the perfect place for deck lights is obviously out of the way, along the edge. Lighting installed on a picture frame board presents a neater, professional appearance.


Try this: step up onto a traditional unframed deck, then step up on a picture framed deck.  Something about the frame draws your attention to it – because it looks good – but it is in the looking that you are also seeing where you are placing your feet.  This is particularly useful for those with any form of visual impairment. Fewer stumbles and accidental trips can only be a good thing.

Adds value!

A picture frame finished deck shouts “value!” It looks classier than an unfinished or plain deck with raw ends. 

It also implies the installer took pride in their work and went the extra mile to produce a quality outcome.  It’s like wearing jewellery.  No, you don’t need jewellery, but it does add to your overall appearance when you do.

Looking good and adding class may not be a consideration for you at the time, but if and when you choose to sell later, a good quality deck can be a value add.

(Image: NewTechWood Walnut)

NewTechWood decking is available Australia-wide, with local suppliers across WA, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and TAS

If you are a DIY-er or new to picture framing, don’t forget to read the NewTechWood Decking Installation Guide freely downloadable from our website.

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