You know how it is. You want to build a new deck or replace an old one, and when you go to a reseller for a quote, they first ask: what square meterage are you looking at? So, measuring your deck area is the first step in your building project.

How Do You Calculate Approximate Square Metreage Needed For Your Future Deck?

Obviously, if you don’t know how many deck boards you want, it is hard to give you a quote.

The good news is it is very easy to calculate – even your children can do it – and we have a tool – The Decking Quantity calculator.

If you prefer to double-check manually, however, the square meterage is calculated by multiplying the length of your deck by the width.

To begin, you need a tape measure, and if math isn’t your strong point, perhaps a calculator.

outdoor decking with steps
US49 Teak decking 1NewTechWood Image Source:  US49 Teak – Wedgetail Carpentry

Calculating the Square Metres of Different Shaped Decks

Remember, the square meterage calculation is Length (m) x Width (m) = Square Metres

Square Decks

If your deck is a square shape, for example, 5m X 5m

                5m x 5m = 25 square metres

Rectangular Decks

If your deck is a rectangle shape, for example, 10m x 7m

10m x 7m = 70 square metres

Irregular-Shaped Decks

What if your deck is an odd shape or contains different-sized areas?

Don’t try to measure the entire deck.  Break it down into separate decking areas and measure each section separately – the length x width of each “area”.

Make a note, for example:

Deck Area 1:  10m x 5m = 50 m2

Deck Area 2:  3m x 3m = 9 m2

Outdoor Kitchen area:  4m x 2m = 8 m2

Now add the total of each area calculated together:

50 m2 + 9 m2 + 8 m2 = 67 total square metres

Using our Online Deck Quantity Calculator

Our calculator will not only confirm your square metre calculations, but it will also tell you how many deck boards you will need, as well as the required decking materials such as clips and fasteners.

There is only one final selection you have to make to receive the number of boards and clips you require, and that is to choose between 5, 10 or 15% wastage from the dropdown menu options in the WASTAGE % box directly beneath your Total square metres.

A Note Regarding “Wastage”

Wastage is determined by the design and layout of the decking. 

Every decking (including timber) has a wastage factor. When it comes to composites, it is usually a lot lower than timber with the known set lengths. 

Send Your Deck Quantity Results To Contractors For More Precise Quoting

Once you have used our composite deck material calculator to measure your deck area, email the calculation to yourself. (The email form is directly below the table.)

When you receive your email with this information, then contact one of the NewTechWood resellers and ask them for a quote. You can find Australian NewTechWood resellers listed on our website.

Our NewTechWood recommended installers can also arrange a quote for you to supply and install and may also help you determine the wastage % once they know your chosen layout.

Don’t send your calculation results to us, as we do not sell directly to the public. As wholesale importers, we are not equipped or set up to sell direct and only supply the resellers who do. Thus, we are unable to give you a quote. We could only forward your quote request to your nearest reseller

Finally, please note the calculations are an approximation only, so your overall pricing may vary depending on your deck’s final design and size.

Before Starting Any Work, Check Our Installation Guides

To make your life easier, don’t forget to refer to the installation guidelines before you start any work:

If you are a builder, installer or architect, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our experts who can assist you with your project calculations specification and answer your questions.

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