Project Specifications

Designer:Rez Design Studios
Project Type:Commercial Cladding – 400 m2
Location:Daniels Dry Cleaning & Alterations, Pakenham Central Marketplace, Melbourne, VIC
Details:NewTechWood Castellation Cladding (UH61), Canadian Cedar, 400 m2
Daniels Dry Cleaning & Alterations, Pakenham Central Marketplace, Melbourne, VIC

Daniels Dry Cleaning & Alterations, Pakenham Central Marketplace, Melbourne, VIC

Rez Design Studios traditionally specialize in residential design, however, when a prospective client approached them to complete a small commercial reno job in Pakenham Mall – Marketplace, they could not resist.  Their task?  To refit the interior of ‘Daniels Dry Cleaning’.

The original premises, with its orange walls and navy blue accents, was considered dark, outdated and uninspiring, so Daniels Dry Cleaning called on Rez Design Studios to do their magic and give them a fresh modern facelift.

By collaborating closely with the owner, Rez Designs’ team decided to include a feature wall that was durable, lightweight, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.  As the designers, they scoured the internet for inspiration and stumbled across a system known as castellation cladding.

Rez Designs’ team then compared similar products that were available on the market but came to a unanimous conclusion that NewTechWood was the way to go.  They chose NewTechWood’s Castellation Cladding after deciding this was a superior composite product, with added benefits of being scratch resistant, easy to install and provided beautiful colour options that they could easily match to suit the interior space.

NewTechWood Composite Cladding in Canadian Cedar

Rez Design’s team commented:  “Our choice was to implement NewTechWood Castellation cladding, profile UH61 in Canadian Cedar, and decided to compliment this wall cladding system with freshly painted white crisp walls. The Canadian Cedar also matched perfectly with the timber teak front desks. The new interior is now contemporary and fresh and it welcomes new customers into the store whilst proudly showcasing the new feature wall provided by NewTechWood.“

As a result of Rez Design Studio’s “magic”, the design and colour palette inside and out of Daniels Dry Cleaning premises is clean, fresh and modern and the NewTechWood Canadian Cedar was a great choice to add that light and bright vibe.  It also adds interest to what might otherwise have been just a plain wall and helps to create the illusion of a larger space.

You know how to contact Rez Design Studios, and where to take your precious clothing items to Daniels Dry Cleaning in Pakenham, and if you want more information on Castellation Cladding for your next project, feel free to contact our friendly team for advice.

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