Project Specifications

Installer:New Vision Outdoor Living, Sydney, NSW
Supplier:Dahlsens, Smeaton Grange, NSW
Project Type:Residential
Location:Currans Hill, NSW
Details:NewTechWood US49 Terrace, Antique, 80 sq m


The disappointed owners of this deck were looking for a replacement and this time they decided to go with something well known and with a good reputation.

A bit like buying a car!

There are some really good composite deck options on the market and choosing one isn’t always easy. There are lots of samples to view and information to read because as you know, not all things are created equal and it depends also on what your priorities are.

For example, you might live in a BAL rated area, which narrows down your choices to BAL rated decking boards only.  Perhaps you are after a particular shade of grey, which might further narrow down your choices. Maybe price point is important.

So, with so much to consider, these owners did their research and then contacted NSW installers, New Vision Outdoors for help putting their new plan into action.


They had made their choice… NewTechWood.

New Vision Outdoor replaced the entire existing deck with NewTechWood’s Terrace US49 range in the popular decking colour Antique, which was supplied by Dahlsens in Smeaton Grange.  (Note:  New Vision Outdoor has now moved south to Kiama, NSW and a lot of their work will be in that area in future.)

Just one of the ways NewTechWood is able to differentiate itself is because the entire board is completely protected around all four sides by the patented Ultrashield capping.  This means cleaning the deck is easier and the board itself remains protected by the capping.

So now, these owners can enjoy many years with their new deck, comforted also by NewTechWood’s 25 year Warranty.

And if you would like more information, or you are an installer, builder or architect after technical information and samples, feel free to contact our friendly team.

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