Architects and Builders seek products that are versatile and represent money well spent. Items, like cladding, for example, must be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing and blend seamlessly with other style elements of the home. These elements include things such as decking, screening, and other forms of cladding, both internally and externally. That’s why NewTechWood’s versatile composite cladding is the preferred choice of many professionals.

NewTechWood’s Composite Cladding Solutions

NewTechWood’s composite Castellation and Shadowline Cladding are designed to meet all these requirements – functionality, aesthetics, and environmental friendliness.

As with all NewTechWood products, both claddings are manufactured from recycled wood fibres and plastics to produce a fully finished product that needs no painting, oiling or sealing – ever. The bit we think you’ll really like is while it looks like natural timber, no maintenance is required over its lifetime, other than to give it a wash down with the hose every now and then to remove dirt.

This represents huge dollar and time savings for owners.

The real value to designers is the versatility of both these styles of cladding, which are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. You can use it internally or externally on walls, ceilings, doors, garage doors, fences, BBQ cabinets, poolside screening – horizontally, vertically, diagonally and in other geometric patterns.

It also plays nicely with other forms of cladding, building materials, and colours, as in the example below.

Keksa and Quest Architecture NewTechWood cladding on garage door

Photo credit: Keksia/ Quest Architecture

Applications of NewTechWood’s Composite Cladding

Custom Made Louvres

NewTechWood’s Castellation cladding is becoming increasingly popular for garage fronts and matching garage doors for a seamless, stylish finish, transforming something often visually mediocre into something eye-catching that contributes to the property’s overall image.

Photo Credit: Pace Built/ Mia Lake Interiors

Artistic camouflage is another bonus of using cladding in hard-to-access places that might otherwise simply present a face of plain, ugly concrete, like this luxurious home in NSW.

Builders, Peace Built and Mia Lake Interiors created these specially-made louvres using NewTechWood cladding to create this amazing architectural effect.  Can you imagine if it had been left plain? Best of all, these timber-look louvres need no maintenance and will never need repainting. 

Let the rain wash the dust off!

Transform under-utilised space

Image credit: Shaw Landscape Group

Creating magic in small, under-utilised areas is one benefit of using a qualified Landscaper’s services. 

Shaw Landscape Group in NSW created a magical space for this family, including cladding the fence and BBQ doors in NewTechWood castellation cladding in Ipe to match the NewTechWood bench.  And all the other beautiful elements of this area tie in, creating a space anyone would be proud to show off.  We can’t speak for the grassed paving area, which will, no doubt, require regular water and maintenance, but the NewTechWood can just “be”. 

Very peaceful and zen sounding, isn’t it?

External and Internal Ceilings that will never need painting

Can you imagine this ceiling if it was real timber, with the ongoing sanding and resealing/painting/oiling maintenance that real timber requires over its lifetime? 

It’s gorgeous, but if you don’t keep up the ongoing maintenance, it won’t be gorgeous for long! So, no thanks.

Versatile composite cladding

Photo Credit: Jodie D’Arce

This explains why NewTechWood cladding is an increasingly popular choice for interior and alfresco ceilings.  People love the look of a timber ceiling, but who wants to do all that work maintaining it? 

Install NewTechWood composite cladding and then forget it and get on with life.

Hide that ugly fence!

Some fences cry out to be hidden.  They are an ugly necessity… or are they?  Necessity, they may be, but ugly… no.  Some fences, like this NewTechWood clad design below, are pure works of art in their own right. 

Who would want to hide this masterpiece in Dalkeith, WA, by Landscape Constructions?

Castellation Cladding Feature Wall Dalkeith, Perth, WA

Make a statement inside your home.

And who said cupboards need to be seen?  I know what I’d rather be looking at, and BL Carpentry Services in Perth have produced a brilliant feature wall that camouflages a wall of cupboards, which also matches perfectly with the ceiling they installed, both clad in NewTechWood castellation cladding, Canadian Cedar.

Image Credit: Babett Fekete

We all have that one wall in our house that is hard to decorate, usually because we have something like a large screen TV on it and we don’t want distractions around it. 

Plain walls, however, look boring, and wallpapers are too busy. 


How about this below – NewTechWood castellation cladding, as used by Morrison Cabinets in QLD?

  Simple, effective, and elegantly decorative without being distracting. Make a statement with the help of composite cladding timber.

Internal Clad Timber Feature Wall

Image credit: Morrison Cabinets

Brilliant ideas for commercial projects

And even commercial applications can receive spicing up with a little help, like this Catherine Lezer project, renovating City Towers in Perth. 

Makes our mailbox look a bit average!

Nut, the same cladding looks perfect on the commercial building facade. In the example below, Design 10 used NewTedchWood cladding to transform the face of all their stores across Australia!

Outdoor kitchen and BBQ

How about jazzing up your new BBQ and outdoor kitchen area? 

Something as simple as cladding your BBQ front can make a huge visually appealing difference. 

Sydney Grandscapes combined all the elements to create this classy BBQ area, utilising NewTechWood castellation on the doors and drawers. 

Now, this is what we call a posh barbecue!

Sydney Grandscapes BBQ with NewTechWood Castellation Cladding

Camouflage anything!

And, of course, you find NewTechWood cladding around many pools, camouflaging everything from pool pumps and equipment storage areas as well as ugly fence lines. 

Here is an example using NewTechWood castellation in Ebony in Perth by Enzo Sberna of Ultimo Interiors.  Classy touch, don’t you think? 

(Photo credit: Jody Darcy)

UH61 EB City Beach Villa Ultimo

Then there are those who just want to add a touch of pizzaz to finish off their creative gems and use NewTechWood cladding purely for its decorative value, as seen below. 

Perth’s AMG Homebuilders used NewTechWood castellation in Ipe for the façade and clad the front door to match.  Brilliant!

UH61 Ipe AMG Home builders (2)

Photo credit: AMG builders

If you have used NewTechwood cladding in a creative and innovative manner, be sure to share it with us! 

For architects, designers and builders who would like more technical information, feel free to contact our team of experts, who are happy to assist.

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