Guide for Architects and Designers:

A New Generation of Timber Composites


Recently, a shortage of timber supplies and inflated prices caused by the COVID pandemic and seasonal bushfires has inspired architects, designers and specifiers to consider alternative solutions.

In the past, the first generation of composite timber gained a reputation as an inferior alternative to natural, harvested timber.

Thanks to sophisticated new capping technology, modern composite products not only outperform natural timber in terms of durability and low maintenance, but they are also sustainable.

Why is composite timber a valuable alternative to natural timber in today’s market?

In A New Generation of Timber Composites: A Guide to Specifying High Quality Composite Timber for Modern Builds and Renovations, we catch up with the latest developments in composite technology and highlight the architectural benefits of modern composite timber. We discuss how modern manufacturing techniques, specifically capping technology, have overcome the shortcomings of early-stage timber composites. We also consider why composite timber is a valuable alternative to natural timber in today’s market.

Finally, we provide guidance on choosing the best composite timber for your next project.

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