Secret Fix Clip System

For a modern, clean look NewTechWood has designed a secret fix system where the clips are hidden in the gaps between the decking boards.  The clip slides into the grooved edge of the board and is screwed into the joist.

NewTechWood Australia provides the choice of two (2) different gap spacings between the boards – 5.5mm or the Mini Gap 1.5mm spacing.

The Cobra T-Clip system provides a uniform 5.5mm gap between the boards, which is the standard for most decking in Australia. Refer to Cobra Installation guide here.

The Mini Gap Clip system (MG1 and MG2) is perfect for commercial installations where public safety may be a consideration.  The Mini Gap is great for leafy areas as it prevents leaves and seeds getting caught in the decking gap. Refer to Mini Gap Installation Guide here.

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ProfileProfile CodeDescriptionGapTimber FixMetal FixClips P/M2 Terrace RangeClips P/M2 Coastal RangeClips P/M2 Metro Range
COBRA T-CLIPCobra T-Clip5.5mmYY171421
MG1Mini Gap Clip1.5mmYY191522
MG2Mini Gap Locking Clip1.5mmYY1 Clip / Length1 Clip / Length1 Clip / Length
MG3Starter Clipn/aYYn/an/an/a
K37Starter / End Clipn/aYYn/an/an/a
CSColoured Head Fascia Screw – 304ss – 8g x 50mmn/aYNn/an/an/a
CDSDeckHedz Coloured Head Decking Screw – 304ss – 10g x 65mmn/aYNn/an/an/a
CSMColoured Head Decking Screw – Carbon Steel – 10g x 60mmn/aNYn/an/an/a
EC-UH02 / EC-UH17 / EC-UH25 / EC UH55End Caps suitable for hollow profilesn/an/an/an/an/an./a

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Coloured Head Screws

Fascia boards and square edge boards do not have grooved sides to accommodate the Secret Fix Clips, so need to be top fixed with Coloured Head Screws.


  • Stainless Steel grade 304  (CDS and CS)
  • Specially designed for conventional and capped composite boards
  • A seamless, neat finish on fascia boards, screening, stair treads and picture framing
  • Available for Timber fix and Metal fix

When top fixing screws ensure you pre-drill the hole slightly larger than the screw allowing the boards to expand and contract. 

Please note:  The Metal Fix screws are suitable for steel joists of up to 2mm in thickness. If thicker than 2mm, then you must pre-drill each hole.  Cobra Clips are not warranted for fixing to Stratco Probeam or similar double-wall steel profiles.

For a seamless finish choose coloured head screws to match the colour of the board:








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