US71H 210mm board







  • Blackbutt
  • Ipe
  • Antique

US49H 138mm board









  • Blackbutt Commercial Range Composite deckingBlackbutt
  • IPE Commercial Range Composite deckingIPE
  • Antique Commercial Range Composite deckingAntique

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Hard-wearing deck boards for any public space – Commercial decking range

NewTechWood Australia has introduced a new, hard-wearing, and extremely durable decking board – the NewTechWood commercial decking range. In addition to the well-known benefits of the existing NewTechWood composite decking range, the commercial range is carefully crafted to provide extra protection for commercial projects.

When longevity and durability are the most important project specifications, architects, designers and builders across Australia now have a perfect decking solution.

Commercial decking range

Commercial Decking Applications

Our commercial decking range is perfectly suited for high traffic areas, including boardwalks, hospitals, office buildings, mining camps, parks, playgrounds and public open spaces – the list goes on!

  • Restaurant Decks
  • Café Decks
  • Bar Decks
  • Hotel Decks
  • Boardwalk Decking
  • Marina Decking
  • Playground Decking
  • Jetties


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Benefits of NewTechWood Commercial Decking

  • Durable – hard capped and extremely resistant
  • Low-maintenance – no oiling, sanding or painting, ever!
  • Fully protected – 360 capping around all four sides
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Slip resistant – P5 slip rating
  • Eco friendly – made from 95% recycled material

NewTechWood Commercial Decking Flyer


Designed to last for life

Built to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions, NewTechWood commercial decking boards are  fully capped with a robust polymer on all four sides, to provide extra protection against the elements.

In addition to this polymer protection (which is also featured in our residential decking ranges), our commercial boards are equipped with a specially designed hard-cap embossed finish, featuring the latest technology. This unique finish delivers an unmatched level of protection, offering scratch resistance, stain resistance and extreme longevity.

As a result, this hard-wearing commercial decking boasts a 10-year warranty.

A Low-Maintenance, Cost-Effective Solution

Being UV-protected and made from composite materials, NewTechWood commercial decking is resistant to fading, mould, mildew and pests.

It is also extremely low maintenance, requiring no oiling, sanding or painting. To keep it clean, simply wash it with soapy water when required. Or for best results, use specifically designed DECKWash.

Thanks to its longevity, durability and minimal maintenance requirements, composite decking provides an extremely cost-effective solution for any public outdoor area.

Once installed, the hard-wearing, scratch-resistant composite decking boards will outperform timber – providing a long- term, cost-effective decking solution, with very little ongoing maintenance.

The NewTechWood commercial range can also be used for residential projects when homeowners or property investors want extra, long-lasting protection for their decking.

Safe for Wet Areas and BAL Rated 

NewTechWood commercial composite timber decking boasts a P5 slip rating (which is the highest), meaning it’s perfect for wet areas, such as marinas and pool decks.

On the other hand, our commercial boards are suitable for all bush areas where BAL 29 fire rating is requested.









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To help residential and commercial building needs, NewTechWood commercial range offers two different boards:









US71H, 210 mm wide hard-capped boards, perfect for public commercial spaces, boardwalks, parks and shopping centres.





US49H, 138mm wide board with the addition of the hard cap finish, suitable for both residential and commercial applications.





Sought-after colour range

NewTechWood commercial decking range is available in three modern colours which are our most sought-after shades – IPE, Antique and Blackbutt.


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Eco-Friendly Commercial Decking

Made from 95% recycled materials, NewTechWood is an environmentally friendly alternative to natural timber. The core of our boards are manufactured from a mix of sustainably sourced wood fibres and HDPE plastic.

The use of recycled materials for NewTechWood saves over 26,000 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill each year. It also means that not a single tree is cut for the manufacturing process, making NewTechWood a popular sustainable building material.

At NewTechWood, we stand by our green principles. With full control over the entire recycling and manufacturing process, we aim to continually reduce our carbon footprint through waste reduction and energy conservation. We undergo annual third-party audits to ensure full compliance with environmental, health and safety guidelines.

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Technical Reference

Product specification


NewTechWood commercial decking range is equipped with a hard-cap embossed finish, providing a high P5 slip rating. That makes it perfect for creating a hard-wearing outdoor area for both commercial and residential applications.

Need help with specifying the NewTechWood commercial decking range for your next project? Download Specification sheet.

Download  Specification sheet

If you need more technical information about each board, download US71H Technical data sheet or US49H Technical data sheet from our Technical page.











ProfileProfile CodeDescriptionDimensionsLengthDouble-sidedM2 P/PackSpan
Secret fixLM per packSlip rating
US71HGrooved Edge Solid Wide Deck Board210mmx36mm2.7mNo32600mmY148.5P5
US49HGE Solid Deck Board138mmx25mm5.4mNo54350mm (450mm residential)Y378P5
US63HGE/SE Solid Deck Board138mmx25mm5.4mNo54350mm (450mm residential)Y162P5

Commercial Decking Specification Sheet


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NewTechWood is available throughout WA, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and TAS.









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