In the world of home improvement and design world, colour holds a transformative power, shaping the ambience and character of every space it touches.

From small home renovation projects to big commercial spaces, the first step is to imagine and craft a space that resonates with the design vision.

Colours aren’t just colours – they’re the secret sauce that makes your space uniquely yours.

From the tranquillity of nature-inspired tones to the vibrancy of urban chic, our palette caters to every design vision.

Best of all, you can mix, match, and blend your composite decking, cladding, and screening with the same, complementary, or even contrasting colours from the NewTechWood range.

NewTechWood Cladding in Walnut, Decking in Teak

NewTechWood Cladding in Walnut, Decking in Teak

How To Choose The Right Composite Timber Colours?

The colour you choose will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The existing colours of your home
  • Styling and design
  • Location
  • Fashion trends
  • Your personal favourite, individual taste!

NewTechWood Composite Timber Colour Selection

While NewTechWood, internationally, offers a wide range of colours, including unconventional shades of blues, greens, reds, and yellows – in Australia, we stock the most popularly requested colours of natural-looking composite timber for our customer base.

Our composite timber colours are modern and multi-chromatic and emulate the realistic variations of hues to deliver the natural timber look.

  • If you are creating a Bali theme, you might go for our Teak.
  • If you are into a coastal or Hamptons style, you’ll like our Beech, Canadian Cedar, Maple or Antique. 
  • If you’d prefer a cabin in the forest feel, you might like our Ipe, Walnut or Ebony. 
  • Feeling contemporary? You might like our Silver Grey or Silver Ash. 

How Different NewTechWood Colours Go Together

Having timber decking, screening and/or cladding all the same colour is a design choice and can look very classy, but some like to jazz things up a little.

So, if you are looking for something different, here are some ideas to help you mix and match effectively with the NewTechWood colour range.

Composite timber colours example: 2021 Channel 9’s The Block Winning home (with NewTechWood US54 Deck Antique & UH61 Castellation Cladding in Aged Wood)

2021 Channel 9’s The Block Winning home (with NewTechWood US54 Deck Antique & UH61 Castellation Cladding in Aged Wood)

As an example, we’ll use the profiles of US49 Terrace Composite Decking, the US36 solid composite screening, and the US31 Shadowline cladding board. 

In the US49 Terrace decking range we offer: Blackbutt, Antique, Teak, Ipe, Walnut and Silver grey

In the US36 Screening range: Blackbutt, Canadian Cedar, Antique, Teak, Ipe and Silver Grey

And in the US31 Shadowline Cladding range: Maple, Teak, Walnut, Silver Grey

Colours: Maple, Teak, Walnut, Silver Grey

As you can see from the above swatches, it is possible to match your deck with your cladding and your screening, in either the same colour, or colours that are different but fashionably complementary.

When you factor in the colour options available in the other NewTechWood profile ranges, your choice of colour combinations expand even further.

What Looks Good With What?

As we like to remind people, when it comes to styling, ultimately, it comes down to personal taste, and everyone’s tastes are different. 

However, if you want to stick to something traditional, which you may choose to do if you are planning to renovate and sell your home, these popular colour choices work well:

Red Brick homes with darker NewTechWood shades

Red brick homes look great with most colours, and contrast particularly well with the darker shades like Walnut, Ipe and Silver Grey. In fact, all the grey shades, Silver Grey, Antique and Silver Ash also work particularly well against red brick.

NewTechWood decking in Walnut by Decking Out Melbourne

NewTechWood decking in Walnut by Decking Out Melbourne

Cream coloured bricks look smart with a darker contrasting coloured composite decking. Think Walnut, for example.

Hampton style is in love with blonde and light shades.

Hampton and coastal style homes pair up perfectly with the lighter shades of Antique, Beech, Blackbutt and Maple.

Hamptons styling with NewTechWood Coastal Decking in Beech

Modern, Clean Look With Compatible Blondes

For a modern, clean look, combine compatible blondes across NewTechWood decking, cladding or even screening and fencing. In the example below, the owner achieved a contemporary, coastal look by combining Canadian Cedar on the feature wall, fencing and gate with Blackbutt decking.

Blackbutt is one of our most popular colours and it looks so close to original timber – Blackbutt.

Indonesian Or Bali Style? We Have You Covered

Indonesian/Bali style and lighter brick or limestone homes always look good with Teak.

Prefer The Natural Look? Go With Our Natural Colour Trio

If you’re fond of a more traditional, timber-look style, Teak, Ipe and Walnut are a great trio that work well together. 

Composite Decking in Terrace (US49) in Silver Grey, Queensland

If you want to use lighter colours, you will find the colour combinations also work if you mix and match with Beech, Blackbutt and Maple.

Mix Contrast Colours For Dramatic Effect

Instead of pairing similar of compatible colours, you can go with the contrast. If you want to stick with Greys?  Antique and Silver Grey are the perfect companion pair.

Antique decking accentuated with Silver Grey picture frame gives this deck dramatic effect

NewTechWood Coastal in Beech by Pinnacle Carpentry

NewTechWood Coastal in Beech by Pinnacle Carpentry

Final Thoughts

While we all like to keep up with current trends and fashions, realistically, fashion is fickle and fads are fleeting, and our choices of today may not appeal in 5 years. 

The tried-and-true colours will last a lifetime because they never go out of fashion, so you can be assured your NewTechWood colour choice will never embarrass you today or in 20 years.

For all our Australian composite timber colour options, visit the website.

Don’t rely solely on the colours you see on your computer screen, because screens are not the same and what you see might not be accurate. 

Instead, visit your local reseller and grab a free sample to take home. If you are an architect or you don’t have a reseller in your town, contact us.

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