Christmas holiday season is upon us, so there is no better way to get into a festive mood than to decorate inside and outside your home. So, we want to speak about backyard design ideas for Christmas.

When you celebrate a Christmas in Australia, it generally means you host the celebration in your backyard and hence the holiday feast is served on an outdoor patio or deck.

These simple, no-fuss outdoor Christmas decoration ideas will add a touch of joy to your home. Not only will you look forward to returning home each afternoon but also, you will be ready for those spur-of-the-moment backyard holiday gatherings typical of the Aussie festive season. Here are five simple ideas on how to get started on your outdoor Christmas decorating.

Make your front porch shine

Enhance a welcoming spirit at the front of your home by adding festive garlands of strings of lights on the front porch or entrance. Another way to bring a holiday spirit is by adding a door wreath. With no snowflakes and pines in sight, native Australian plants can be used for door wreaths. You can even use a local native Christmas bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum) or eucalyptus leaves to decorate your front porch or backyard. Choose a straightforward idea, so your front porch looks festive without being overwhelming.

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Accentuate space with fairy lights

Adding just a few outdoor lights to the landscape can bring a holiday spirit into your yard and transform it into a beautiful and bright area. Use one long strand to light up your patio or deck area or connect multiple strands for a little dramatic atmosphere throughout the entire garden. 

You can even make a waterfall from fairy lights to provide a Christmas vibe around your dining table or outdoor furniture. Moreover, you can extend the festive feeling through the year by keeping these lights in place after the holiday is over. 

For those looking to minimise their carbon footprint, there is a vast range of solar fairy lights that soak up the sun’s energy during the day and provide the lights all night. 

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Deck out the deck

Unlike most countries in the Northern hemisphere, we have a warm Christmas here in Australia, which means we love to entertain outside on our beautifully maintained decks.

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If you are one of the lucky ones to have built your deck with a composite product rather than traditional timber, you will spend more time enjoying it than maintaining it. If you’re planning on freshening up your outdoor space this summer, installing a quality composite deck will rid you of the annual sanding, oiling or painting.

If you already have comfortable outdoor furniture on your deck, then it can be the ideal place to bring your festive season outside. Add some Christmas décor, comfortable pillows in green and red colour, and stress the light with light strings or lanterns. 

Image source: Dreaming of home making 

If you have a fresh Christmas tree, be sure to keep it in a bucket of water and keep it fresh.

 If you plan a big Christmas celebration, why not set up a tree on your deck or in your outdoor undercover area? As Christmas celebration usually goes deep into the night, you can enjoy a festive atmosphere and a fantastic look of your backyard under the lights.

Image source: Better Homes and gardens

Illuminate a path

If you have a path or stairs in your backyard, this Christmas season is an ideal occasion to make a light installation. If you don’t have lights installed on your deck or pathway, you can create a bright welcoming path to the front door by using various LED lights, even solar power lights.

Image source: Homes to love

Get creative with the plants

To warm up a sombre atmosphere, you can add red blooms, which will provide more colours and festive spirit to your yard. Many native plant species in Australia can be used as Christmas decorations, and we are sure you can find some beautiful Australian native plants to suit your Christmas decoration style

If you are keen on getting a creative Christmas tree, you can use this great idea from Better Homes and gardens and make this Succulent Christmas tree easily.

If you don’t have a suitable backyard or deck where you can celebrate holidays this season, now is a good time to plan for next. Consider a deck from NewTechWood which doesn’t require ongoing maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy with family and friends.

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