Thanks to outdoor heaters and fire pits, you can now enjoy your outdoors even in the colder months.

The only question is how appealing is your outdoor patio in the darker, colder times of the year? Furthermore, how safe is it? Have you tried navigating steps in the dark while juggling trays of refreshments? Or have you put your drink on the deck beside your feet only to have someone knock it over because they couldn’t see it? And who wants to sit in gloom in the first place, heater or no heater?  The solution is to add a little landscape lighting.

landscape lighting t o enhance composite timber deckingLandscape lighting is used to enhance the aesthetics of gardens and landscapes. It also can provide security and safety for nighttime navigation.

With carefully placed lights, you can also highlight interesting focal points in your garden that otherwise would not be seen in the dark. This may be your favourite tree or garden bed or even a special garden sculpture.

When you’re entertaining, if you don’t have the traditional string party lights or fairy lights. You may be relying on floodlights or regular patio lighting,. That’s is okay from a safety perspective, but not very cosy or visually appealing and does little to illuminate at ground level.

Deck Lighting Ideas

For outdoor lighting, you can choose between solar or electric powered pole lights, small pathway lanterns, fixed post lamps and wall lanterns, hurricane or camping lanterns, outdoor fireplaces, chimineas, candles, firepits or tiki torches.  And now, thanks to deck lights, you can enhance every area of your patio, steps and pathways, including those edges of your deck that traditionally remain in the dark and hidden when the sun goes down.

lighting set into decking boards

Subtle lighting supplied by deck lights also means you have illumination when and where you want it without the bug-attracting, eye-blinding light from traditional floodlights.

If you want to switch between brighter lighting or softer lighting, choose a system with an optional dimmer switch.

For example, Siros LED Deck lights not only offer easy installation with their Plug and Play system, but it comes with optional extras such as the LED Dimmer and Remote Control.

You can go bright when your guests are mingling and eating, then dim down for those more intimate occasions.

And with low voltage systems, such as the Siros LED deck light system, you can save on electricity. Also, you can enjoy maximum protection against the risk of electric shock.

lights inset into side of composite decking seatIn addition to choosing locations for your landscape lighting to achieve the best effect visually as well as for safety or security purposes. Other considerations include whether you want to connect to a solar system, mains power, use timers or motion sensors, or operate the system remotely via your phone.

Fortunately, there are many options for all tastes and budgets when it comes to landscape lighting, and you are guaranteed to find something to suit your circumstances.

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