When it comes to decking intallation, careful planning is crucial. Many people start with design, trying to find the right deck colour to match with existing elements of the home’s exterior. But there is one crucial step required even before you start designing your future deck – to find an experienced and reliable builder.

A well-designed and professionally installed deck is a beautiful addition to your home, but if you do not choose the right builder carefully, you can end up with all sorts of issues and additional costs.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve prepared a few tips on how to choose a good composite deck installer.

Do your research

Conducting proper online research is the first step when hiring a good deck builder. It’s always a good idea to search locally and then make a list of potential builders. Many deck material manufacturers have online tools that list local deck installers.

Checking for customer reviews and complaints on the company’s Google My Business listing will give you a picture of how the business ranked, and subsequently will help you get an idea of their credibility.

Online research to find a builder for your deck

You might also like to research local consumers groups or review websites, such as OneFlare or Word of Mouth, and select a couple of well-rated deck builders and contact them.

Another way to find a reliable builder is to ask your friends or family members who are more likely to give you unbiased feedback.

Check installers references

An experienced and competent deck builder will happily provide a list of references and examples of previous builds.

References can help you better understand their level of expertise and can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that they have performed well on other jobs.

Meet the installer in person

Schedule a time to meet a prospective builder at your home. That way, they will get a better insight into your requirements regarding budget, materials, design, and hence be better positioned to give you a more accurate quote.

Additionally, you can see if they can confidently address your needs and provide clear answers to your specific questions. Importantly, you can get a feel for how comfortable it might be on a personal level to deal with that builder – first impressions are often right.

Reliability is likely going to be a key factor in your overall decision, so if they choose not to turn up, then you may wish to consider an alternative builder!

Hire the right deck installer

Compare decking installation quotes

Once you have narrowed down your selection of composite decking builders, you can then compare the quotes. But don’t rush off and agree to the lowest quote; make sure that all quotes have included a precise scope of work. You need to know exactly what the quote does (and does not) include, so you can perform a more accurate comparison.  Compare apples with apples!

This will help you arrange a deal with the right builder who can give you an amazing deck without hidden costs.

Ask the right questions

Decking out Melbourne, Blackbutt composite decking
Decking Out Melbourne multilevel deck

To finalise your decision, we suggest asking the builder the following questions:

Q. Have you ever built with NewTechwood decking before?

Whilst timber composite decking doesn’t typically require special skills to install, we would recommend finding a builder who has a good level of experience with NewTechWood.

Always make sure they will refer to the NewTechWood Installation guides prior to finalising the quantity of boards needed for the deck.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact us. Our NewTechWood technical experts will be happy to help you.

Q. Are you licensed and insured?

If your prospective builder can’t or won’t produce their licence or insurance documents, it may be a clear sign to be wary. 

Our NewTechWood recommended installers, are expected to provide evidence of quality workmanship and documents to prove they are licenced and insured, to give customers peace of mind.

Q. Who will handle the permit process?

Your deck builder should be able to provide you with more information about permits and whether you will require a permit for your new deck.

They should also be able to answer all your questions regarding Council rules and manage the permit process for you. When hiring a deck builder, asking the right questions is the best way to make an informed decision and set your mind at ease.

All this information can help pave the way for a smooth project. But, if you want to skip all the legwork, use our Find an installer tool to find local, qualified deck builders who are experienced in installing NewTechWood decking, cladding and screening.

If you have any additional questions, contact our friendly team.

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