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Building a new home can be an exciting process. When planning our design, many of us won’t run the risk of mistaking our neighbour’s home for our own; we do a lot of things to set our houses apart from one another. Whether it’s painting the exterior a shade of demin blue, or planting a gigantic Frangipani in front, we like to personalise our homes.

But beyond our own touches, it’s usually easy to distinguish one house on your block from another, because, quite simply, they’re different houses. But is that always the case?

Huge Growth for the House & Land Market

The house and the land market has exploded after the recent federal and state government stimulus packages were announced. According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA) for example, WA recorded a 200 per cent monthly increase in new home sales for June.

With such demand for home building, the commentary suggests that construction is going to go crazy in the next six months, especially throughout first-home buyer estates.

But with rapid growth, there is a real danger of the estates taking on a cookie-cutter approach. Given the demand, it’s plausible to anticipate that builders will have less time and fewer resources to work with you to develop something bespoke.

So, we ask the question, is it possible that your home design could be compromised?  

The design elements you and the builder might ordinarily consider during the planning phase might simply fall through the cracks. And it won’t be until you see the house next door pop up beside you that you realise it could be mistaken for your own!

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

If you’re one of the smart ones who have been organised enough to take advantage of the home stimulous package, but have concerns that your house design has been rushed, then don’t panic. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to differentiate your home, without having to make significant structural changes to the builder’s design.

Here are some useful tips on how to make your home stand out from the crowd.

1). Landscape your yard

Landscaping is a great way to put your stamp on a new home – and transform a dull, empty space into an attractive oasis.

Hide ugly fences by planting trees or a fast-growing climber, such as a Clematis, Star Jasmine, or Ivy. There is no doubt that trees, shrubs and flowers look beautiful and create a point of interest. Layering your plants will add depth, creating the illusion of space. For a low-maintenance option which still provides a burst of colour, consider Australian natives, such as a Bottlebrush, Flame Pea or Everlasting Daisies.

Build a pathway to the front door and consider installing an attractive patio area.

2). Create an attractive, maintenance free composite timber deck

Composite decking great for  outdoor home renovations
Urban Direct Wholesale decking by Laura and Charles photography, North Perth

Australia has one of the best climates in the world and a deck creates a perfect space for dining and relaxing. It’s important to select a decking product which not only looks beautiful and aligns with the style of your home, but has minimal impact on your leisure time – and the environment. A composite product, like NewTechWood, can offer the following benefits;

  • Natural timber look with a great range of colours to choose from
  • Made from 95% recycled materials
  • Fully capped – no staining, fading and scratch resistant
  • Low Maintenance – never sand, oil or paint your deck again
  • 25-year warranty
  • Ultra-protection against moisture, UV and mould

And to make the most out of your deck, consider installing shade sails, so you can use it during the hot summer days.

3). Light up your home

Lighting is not only practical, but also creates a lovely ambiance. Add wall lights to the porch and to either side of the garage door. And why not install lights around your decking area, to make it a more comfortable place to relax at night?

And for the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, add up-lights to the base of trees and shrubs.

4). Add exterior wall cladding

Create striking feature walls with the use of cladding.  It’s a well-known fact that whilst timber cladding can look great when installed, it requires a lifetime of maintenance to keep it that way. So, consider composite timber cladding instead. It looks the same but comes without the maintenance headaches!

You can add a stylish, architectural look to your new home and be confident that it will look as good as new for years to come. For durability and longevity, you can’t beat NewTechWood’s range of fully-capped composite cladding (which is also available in the exciting new castellation look).

Composites are a great alternative to more common timber products. It can be expensive, dangerous (toxic paints, chemicals and the high ladders!) and time-consuming to maintain timber cladding. So, why waste weekends or holidays when you can spend that time doing something you love, such as hanging out with the family or friends.

5). Section off your outdoor spaces with screening

Whether it be for privacy, shading, or pure decoration, strategically placed screening boards can add a sophisticated yet practical element to your home. 

If you want a maintenance-free lifestyle, then consider a composite timber product.  This choice will afford you more time to relax, while the timber people spend their weekends or holidays re-sanding, repainting or reoiling their screens for the next 25 years!

For example, NewTechWood composite timber screening looks like natural wood, yet requires next to no maintenance.  Designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, it is the perfect solution for stylish layering to create private areas – either in your front yard or out the back. 

  • Fully-finished product – no sanding, no painting, no oiling
  • Natural timber look
  • Durable, UV protected and resistant to fading
  • Made from 95% recycled materials
  • Easy to install

See how easy it can be?  Plan carefully and enjoy your new home!

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