Privacy Screen

Image: Swanbourne, WA – NewTechWood UH55 in Canadian Cedar

Privacy Problems

Imagine… there you are on your patio trying to enjoy some peace and quiet and little Jason (apologies to the Jason’s out there – no reflection on you), bouncing up and down on his trampoline by your fence line says this:

Jason: Hey Mr X! Whatcha doing?

You (Mr X): Reading the paper.

Jason: Why?

You: Because I want to know what’s going on.

Jason: Why?

You: Because it pays to know what’s happening.

Jason: Why?

And this goes on for eternity until Jason gets to the part where he thinks you want to know what he got for Christmas. We don’t need to continue this conversation. I’m sure we have all experienced something like this in our lifetime.

Privacy is becoming an issue with housing lots getting smaller and homes being built so close together.

Do you feel comfortable walking outside on your patio just in your PJ’s or underwear? Do your neighbours play with drones, have children who have cubby houses overlooking your yard, or trampolines by your fence line? Even if your neighbours don’t live in a two-storey house overlooking your backyard, privacy can feel almost non-existent these days.

Our home is our castle… our sanctuary. Or it should be. We should be able to enjoy privacy in our own backyard, patio, or pool area without fear of our personal space being invaded by onlookers – accidental or otherwise. By the same token, we don’t want to build solid walls that block out airflow and light and make us feel like we’re imprisoned.

What we want is a cost-effective solution to provide privacy without making us feel like we are still indoors. We want our outside entertaining areas to look and feel different, otherwise we may as well just stay inside.

Privacy Screen

Image Source: Christian Jenkins (Winning Landscape Design) Melbourne Flower Show using NewTechWood UH55 in Ebony

Stylish Answer to the Privacy Problem

A classy and practical way to add privacy is to use decorative, composite screening, which also offers a myriad of other practical and decorative uses for garden and patio challenges and designs. These can be panels, lattice, or battens allowing for airflow and light – and in addition to providing you with privacy from prying eyes, also add to the aesthetics of your outdoor entertaining areas.

A composite privacy screen can also assist to protect your entertaining spaces from wind, heat from afternoon sun, and reduce noise levels. You can install it around your decks and patio areas, or use it to screen off parts of your yard that even you don’t want to look at – storage areas, ugly sheds, swimming pool pumps and equipment, etc.

Privacy Screen

Image source: JFK Carpentry using NewTechWood US36, Silver Grey

Complementary Composite Privacy Screen for Deck

Consider also that in these modern times, creative landscapers and builders are constructing decks in non-traditional areas, such as pergolas built away from the house and rooftop gardens. These types of spaces are fully exposed to prying eyes as well as the elements, and for these, screening is the perfect solution.

And if you are the owner of a NewTechWood composite deck, you will be happy to know NewTechWood offers natural timber-look screening options in complementary colours. In fact, regardless of what type or brand of decking you have, you will probably find a NewTechWood screen profile and colour to complement it.

An added bonus is NewTechWood’s composite screening enjoys the same low to no maintenance and 25 Year residential warranty as the decking. It is termite proof, won’t rot, warp, splinter or fade and is suitable for all climate conditions… again, just like the decking. No need to re-sand or re-seal ever!

Privacy Screen

Image source: Outdoor Carpentry & Design / Project Artichoke – NewTechWood Decking and Screening

Easy Installation

Our NewTechWood Screening Installation guidelines are possibly the shortest set of instructions of all our install guides. Why? Because the composite timber screening is so easy to install, whether using the Hollow UH55 composite screening profiles or the Solid and thinner US36 screening board. NewTechWood’s screening products are an innovative product and a perfect solution for a range of applications including your patio, decking or producing a dividing fence structure.

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