Summer is on its way and, in Australia, it is best spent entertaining outdoors. With warmer days and nights, now is the perfect time to check off your to-do list and get your backyard into shape and ready for summer fun.

Backyard renovation guide:

The goal is to have an attractive, but still low-maintenance backyard. Here is a renovation guide for your backyard and some tips on how to make your backyard stand out this summer:

Get rid of weeds

Renovation Guide: How to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Weeding your garden is an unpleasant but necessary task if you want to achieve an inviting look for your backyard. Unlike lawn, weeds are great survivors, and it can take an intensive effort to knock them on the head. 

Weeds often lay low, waiting for the rain so they can grow again – so it’s essential to recognise and remove them before they get too large or flower. To remove weeds together with their roots, having damp soil will make the task easier. It’s crucial to dispose of weed plants properly, so their seeds do not fall onto your grass and propagate.

Prepare your lawn

Spring is the start of the growing season for most Australian lawn types, so it’s the right time to begin major lawn improvements. 

A few simple steps can make your lawn a pleasant outdoor setting and a place you can enjoy with your family. Here’s how to give your lawn a lush look:

·        Do the cleaning

Clean up the leaves and other debris that have gathered. Not only will this tidy the area, but debris can block fertilisers from being absorbed by the lawn.

·        Apply fertiliser

Fertilisers will create a healthy lawn, which is pleasing to the eye. In spring you need to apply fertiliser and a pre-emergent, which is a herbicide used to prevent crabgrass. Then, six to eight weeks later, you should fertilise your lawn again, along with a broadleaf weedkiller. 

·        Mow regularly

If you’re striving for an impeccable lawn, the key is to mow regularly, especially during spring. Come summer, as the weather warms, mow fortnightly and gradually raise the blade on the lawnmower to cut the grass tall so that the lawn will be more resistant to summer heat.

·        Water carefully

During spring, only minimal additional top-up watering is required as we still experience some natural rainfall. This is good for your lawn as it encourages the growth of stronger, deeper roots, able to deal with the extremes of summer. 

Plant some seasonal blooms

garden renovation tips

After you take care of your lawn, it’s time for weeding, pruning, mulching, and fertilising your plants. After they spring back to life, it’s time to upgrade your backyard with some new beauties.

A local nursery is a good place to pick up a few extra plants suitable for your area. So, before you go hunting, choose the plants appropriate to your part of Australia. You can’t miss with Australian native plants, and there are so many stunning flowers to choose from

It’s also time to plant your summer veggies (and don’t forget to water them in the early morning or late evening, when it’s cooler).

Bearing in mind Australia’s harsh weather, you might consider xeriscaping, landscaping with drought-tolerant plants. Lastly, you can add some moveable planting containers for your yard, enabling you to bring the greenery up onto your deck, balcony or patio whenever you want. 

TIP: remove dead and fading blooms regularly to encourage fresh growth.

Clean your deck

Preparing your deck for a new outdoor season is part of spring routine – all timber deck owners are getting used to oiling, sanding, and painting their decks each spring.

Timber decks are beautiful, but when it comes to maintenance, composite decking undoubtedly takes the win. You don’t have to sand, oil, or paint your deck anymore!

And with NewTechWood, as the most natural-looking composite decking, you will have a timber-look deck without the maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your deck and less time working on it.

Although composite decking requires almost zero maintenance, it’s a good idea to give it a good scrub to start the season.

Cleaning your deck is straightforward; you can start by sweeping the deck and getting rid of any debris that may have built up in the winter. Then you can clean it off by using warm soapy water, or a special deck wash, and a soft non-metal deck scrubbing brush to remove dirt and debris.

For more information on how to keep your composite timber deck looking its best, download this detailed NewTechWood care and cleaning guide

Lighten up your backyard

Siros LED Decklights DIY

Outdoor lifestyles stretch deep into the night, so you’ll need some lights to create both illumination and a sense of cosiness in your backyard. It’s important to find the right balance to provide atmosphere—too much light, and ambience can be ruined. 

Here are some simple ways to brighten up your backyard:

  • Place lights around trees (if you have them in your yard)–you can put them on the ground or light a whole cluster of trees.
  • Portable lanterns can provide a sense of mysticism and create a romantic atmosphere.
  • For avoiding trips and falls on your deck, you can use in-ground LED lights. Siros LED lights will ensure safety while creating a visually striking space. 
  • You can use some creative ideas to bring light to your yard\, such as luminescent planters or fire pits.

Upgrade your fencing

NewTechWood composite screening and fencing

Besides providing security and protection to your property, fencing is also an aesthetic element for your home. Therefore, it’s key to give your fence a makeover if needed. If your backyard is surrounded by a neglected fence, all your renovation work can pass unnoticed. 

You can revive or replace your old fence using varied materials such as wood, aluminium, or bamboo. In recent years, composite screening has become the perfect solution for creating stylish and private areas, as it’s natural-looking, fade-resistant and can be used in many creative ways

Get some shade

Spending time outside during summer is great, but we need to find a way to beat these harsh rays. Staying cool should be your number one priority, but you must also protect your family and your more delicate plants from direct sunlight.

There are many options to choose from for shading your backyard, especially around sitting areas and pools, but ensure they also provide UV protection:

Shadowspec Serenity Cantilever umbrella shade
  • You can utilise the natural shade from large trees and bushes by placing your seating area nearby.
  • Umbrellas are a quality, flexible and long-lasting solution for your shade requirements. Having a multifunctional umbrella that can shade a large terrace or patio will encourage your enjoyment of the outdoors. If you don’t have space for centre-pole umbrellas, you can find cantilever or wall-mounted umbrellas, without mast in the middle blocking the conversation.
  • A shade sail is a flexible and inexpensive option, as you can remove them over winter. 
  • Gazebos are available in a range of materials and styles and can be portable or fixed.
  • Pergolas can extend your interior living space and mix it seamlessly with your backyard. The wonderful thing about a pergola is that it can be a work in progress—you can start from an existing veranda and keep building a bit each season. 

That’s it! Your backyard is now beautifully set up to get you through the coming summer months. 

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