NIVO Decking Pedestals have height adjustment.

NIVO Pedestals for raised flooring

NIVO Pedestals are easy to assemble.

Nivo pedestals, easy to assemble


Why NIVO Decking Pedestals?

NIVO Adjustable Pedestals provide a clever solution for architects and builders when designing and constructing raised flooring. They can be used with decking, outdoor tiles and pavers, and steel grating to create raised floors on balconies, roof gardens, and temporary floors.

NIVO Adjustable Pedestals are perfect for concealing services under the raised flooring, whilst offering easy access for maintenance of waterproof membranes. They are also ideal for laying decking over existing surfaces such as concrete.

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Benefits of NIVO Pedestals

  • Simplicity – With its rotary screw system, NIVO pedestal allows an easy installation. Adjusting a deck level has never been so easy!
  • Speed – By using NIVO pedestals you will save considerable time during the deck installation.
  • Accuracy – The adjustment by jack allows an exact fitting. The concept is very simple; our pedestals are height adjustable through a simple system of rotating screw. Turn until you reach the desired height.
  • Resistance – Each NIVO pedestal can support a maximum weight of 1000kg. The quality of the material used guarantees weather and UV radiation resistance, and remarkable stability.

Product Flyer

All the information on NIVO Pedestals in one flyer

ProductProduct CodeProduct DescriptionDiagram (Height)
NPD25 – 0113NIVO Pedestal Joist 25mm – 40mmNivo Pedestal PLO009 Diagram
NPD40 – 0109NIVO Pedestal Joist 40mm – 60mm
NPD50 – 0110NIVO Pedestal Joist 50mm – 80mm
NPD80 – 0111NIVO Pedestal Joist 80mm – 140mmNivo Pedestal PLO003 Diagram
NPD140 – 0112NIVO Pedestal Joist 140mm – 230mm
Nivo Decking Pedestal Height Extension NPEX60-0206 60mmNPEX60 – 0206NIVO Pedestal Height Extension 60 mm
Nivo Decking Pedestal Slope Corrector NPSC-0338NPSC – 0338NIVO Pedestal Slope Corrector

Technical Reference

Installation Guides & Product Specifications

Before you plan your NIVO Decking Pedestal installation, consult the Technical Specifications, including Span Charts, to ensure the best quality foundations for your decking.

The video link below provides a step-by-step guide to installing Nivo Pedestals.

If you require further details, please contact us so we may provide the specific knowledge you need to complete your project.

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