Project Specifications

InstallerDecking Out Melbourne
Project TypeResidential Decking
Location:Mornington, Melbourne, VIC
Details:NewtechWood Terrace decking, 52sqm, colour Blackbutt


Who said a deck had to be one level? Multi-level timber decking is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and provides added dimension to an otherwise average landscape.  It is also an attractive alternative to steps on sloped ground. And why be mediocre when you can be spectacular!

Multilevel composite deck Plus deck lights – winning combination

This beautiful multi-level composite timber deck in NewTechWood’s newest colour, Blackbutt, is part of the US49 Terrace range. It was installed in Mornington, VIC by the experienced crew of Hoops, Jt, and Bobcat from Decking Out Melbourne. The deck is complete with Owlia Deck Lights, which are essential for a cosy evening ambience and greatly factor in practicality and safety when you want your guests to see where they are putting their feet on uneven ground.

From Blackbutt timber to Blackbutt composite timber deck

The existing deck was an Australian hardwood, also Blackbutt, which the owners loved, but years of deterioration meant that it had reached its use-by date and had to be replaced.  Good call, we would say, as timber doesn’t last forever and requires significant upkeep, whilst NewTechWood composite timber is almost to zero maintenance!

Looking into their options, the owners eventually chose NewTechWood in the same beloved colour, Blackbutt.  Yes, they could have chosen natural Blackbutt timber again, but the idea of the ongoing maintenance required was a deterrent compared to NewTechWood’s low maintenance and longevity.  They plan to spend the next 25 years relaxing on their new deck and not working on it!

You can find out more about NewTechWood’s Terrace range and other colour options on our website, and architects, designers and landscapers can contact our friendly team for information and arrange samples.


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