Project Specifications

Builder and SupplierTD Modular Homes & GrannyFlats, Hopeland, W.A, Timberlast WA, Port Kennedy
Project Type:Residential – Modular Home
Location:Majimup, WA
Material:100m2 NewTechWood Castellation UH61 Cladding in Aged Wood



Modular Homes - UH61 Cladding (Granny Flat)


A Refreshing Take on Modular Homes

When we think of “transportables”, we may envisage plain, rectangular accommodation blocks used by mining camps, not something like this beauty from TD Granny Flats and Modular Homes. Let’s face it, transportable homes of the past were practical but not very pretty.

Well, things have changed. These modern “transportable” residences are called modular homes. And unlike traditional building practices (building on site), these transportable modular homes are manufactured at the factory and, once completed, are transported to the site.

This particular home, The Oakland, was transported to Manjimup, W.A. from the TD Granny Flat and Modular Homes factory in Hopeland, W.A. It consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining area, highlight windows, and a built-in alfresco off the master bedroom. Stylishly finished internally, this has everything you want for a down-sizer home or granny flat.

Giving it that little extra residential home feel and appeal is NewTechWood cladding, the UH61 castellation in colour, and Aged Wood.


Modular Homes - UH61 Cladding (Granny Flat)


Sean from TD Granny Flats said:

We love the cladding! We use it to upgrade our transportable buildings into masterpieces rather than your typical transportable home, or, as we like to call them, modular homes. What makes this build different is it is built in our factory and then delivered as-is. A transportable doesn’t need to look ugly or obvious, and using the cladding to upgrade the facade just makes it feel more like a home.”


Modular Homes - UH61 Cladding (Granny Flat)


An added benefit of having a modular home/granny flat constructed like this is your personal space at home is not at risk during the building process. There are no major inconveniences to you or disruptions to your household. When your modular home is ready, it is delivered to you, so you get the house or granny flat without the headaches of construction noise, mess, and tradies stomping all over the place.

Make your own custom granny flat (and include NewTechWood to pop out)

While TD Granny Flats do have set modular plans, their team of designers and draftspeople will work with you to create your own non-cookie cutter design, whether it be a small home, granny flat, man cave or extra building you need for whatever purpose. They help with designs, fitouts, landscaping and even council approval.

So, you could ask them to include NewTechWood Cladding, Decking or Screening, and they can accommodate your wishes! With housing at a premium and shortage, this may well be the answer for many people.  A great idea, whose time has definitely come!

Designers and architects can contact us for more information.

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