Project specifications

BuilderAmos Carpentry
NewTechWood Supplier:Austim, Landsdale
Project type:New Deck
LocationWellard, Western Australia
Size:40 sqm NewTechWood UH02 Metro Decking, Colour Ipe

Metro Ipe Decking

Split-level properties, whether they affect your home or your garden, or both, present unique challenges, which can affect the most mundane of daily activities. For example, when your shed/garage is on one level and your lawn is on another, lugging a heavy lawnmower up steps is probably nobody’s idea of fun.

In fact, any raised area can present challenges for anything on wheels, and this includes prams and wheelchairs. One solution is to extend access options via the use of a ramp, as seen in this Wellard (W.A.) residential project.

With NewTechWood decking supplied by Perth northern suburbs reseller, Austim, the installer, Amos Schat from Amos Carpentry, constructed this new deck using Metro UH02 in colour Ipe.

As Amos explained, one of the main reasons for the ramp was to allow access for the family’s requirements, and that definitely included the lawnmower which needs to access the top lawn. It was extremely important for his customer that the space created flow smoothly, yet still be practical.

The new deck covers an area of approximately 40 m 2, and is complete with a ramp, to suit this family’s unique needs. So yes, you can use NewTechWood composite decking boards for ramps; you just need to construct according to ramp construction guidelines, as you would with natural timber.

There are a lot of unique things you can do with NewTechWood, from building decks to outdoor furniture and everything in between.

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