With population growth and never-ending house price increases, architects and builders are required to work harder to transform small-space houses into functional and comfortable residences.

The spatial constraints of small or narrow-shaped blocks can make renovating difficult. Still, with a detail-oriented designer or architect and an experienced builder, you can transform challenges into opportunities and create a beautiful, highly functional home.


Architect:Mason Projects
Builder:Longlife Building
NewTechWood Supplier:North Shore Timber
Project type:Residential Alterations & Additions to the external of the property
LocationSydney, New South Wells
Size:Site area: 684.1 m2, Landscape area 180m2, NewTechWood decking in Silver Grey, 50 m2



Redgum Avenue Project Silver Grey NewTechWood Decking

The Redgum Avenue home project in Cronulla, a beachside suburb of Sydney, is the perfect example of a fabulous narrow space renovation and backyard makeover. NewTechWood decking in Silver Grey played a significant part in this stunning transformation from an unsightly area to an extraordinary outdoor space.

The homeowners wanted a functional space to entertain and enjoy with friends and wanted to maximize the relatively limiting outdoor area.

“We created a space that had rhythm and flow from the indoor to outdoor living,” says Joshua Longmuir, Director of Longlife Building, a custom-building company based in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney. Longlife Building offer a wide range of construction options, including renovations, extensions, additions, decks, pergolas, new kitchens, bathrooms, and entertaining outdoor areas.

This project is a splendid example of how much is achievable if a project is carefully assessed and meticulously planned. “Planning and thinking ahead was the key to this project,” adds the Longlife Building Director.

We gave the backyard a much-needed makeover, by adding a pool, alfresco roof, deck and outdoor BBQ entertaining area. We also opened the internal corner of the house with a bifold door unit, creating a flow from the kitchen area to the new outdoor living area. The Redgum Avenue project was a complex job because of its very tight access from both the front and rear. The shape of the block was not conventional either, which made things even more difficult structurally throughout the build.

The small backyard that embraces indoor-outdoor living

This project has a modern industrial style, with the use of the existing brickwork, timber and monument / black finishes. Modernism was introduced through the round finishes on the porta timber which softened the industrial look.

“It is a well-balanced space created by using textures, contrast and colours,” explains Joshua Longmuir.  “It was a very satisfying experience seeing the change from the original backyard to what we created. We worked alongside the teams at Salt Sole Designs and Mason Projects  to select all the finishes and colour palettes on this project.”

The homeowners wanted a minimal maintenance option, as they lead a very busy lifestyle. They were particularly keen to eliminate any oiling,  staining or upkeep requirements that typically come with hardwood boards. Yet, they also wanted something that looked authentic.

Longlife Building recommended NewTechWood decking as they have had many positive experiences with the performance of this composite timber product. But the main reason NewTechWood was selected for this backyard makeover, was because it is the most natural-looking plastic timber product on the market. It’s a win-win as their clients get a timber-look product without the drawbacks of natural timber.

NewTechWood benefits builders and homeowners alike

By choosing NewTechWood, builders enjoy a double benefit – not only for their clients but also for their teams. Joshua Longmuir emphasises some advantages of working with NewTechWood:

“The Newtechwood decking product is great. It is easy to work with and cost-effective in a few ways. Firstly, you don’t have to top screw the product like you would with hardwood decking, which means the product is quick and easy to install. Also, the boards are always straight compared to hardwood. Lastly, clients can save money on the maintenance by not having to regularly stain or treat their deck.”

The homeowners were thrilled with the backyard makeover of their Sydney home and are enjoying the lack of maintenance required.



Redgum Project from Longlife Building on Vimeo.


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