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  • UH61 Ipe AMG Home builders (2)

    How Long Does Cladding Last?

    Is there such a thing? It’s a reasonable question: How long does cladding last? Unfortunately, this is a bit like asking “How long is a piece of string?” By “cladding”, we refer to the material attached to the exterior (or interior) of a building’s walls that protects the internal structure from weather and the elements, […]

  • One Product, Many Applications: Versatile Composite Cladding

    Applications of NewTechWood’s Composite Cladding

  • Is Composite Cladding Low Maintenance?

    Is your composite cladding a low maintenance option – we often get asked. Let’s consider what “maintenance” actually means in regard to traditional timber cladding. (This does not apply to composite cladding). With timber cladding, whether you stain it or paint it, within a few years, that stain and paint will start to fade, chip, […]

  • Internal Clad Timber Feature Wall

    How to Make a Statement with an Internal Timber Clad Feature Wall

    Here we explore how to make a statement with an internal timber clad feature wall. We’ll delve into various internal cladding ideas that will add texture and create a luxurious feel for your space. We often envision painted gyprock or plasterboard when we think of internal feature walls. We like to decorate our plain walls […]

  • Castellation Cladding (UH61) in Aged Wood, Composite Fencing in Aged Wood, Clarendon Homes, Sydney, NSW

    Cladding Designs to Help Style Your Home

    Exterior cladding not only shields the structure of a home from the elements and provides insulation, but it also makes a visual statement; cladding designs can help style your home. Most of us are familiar with the various forms of traditional cladding, but when it comes to modern exterior cladding designs, the options extend beyond […]

  • NewTechWood Castellation Cladding in Aged Wood

    Composite Decking & Cladding Colours: New Trends for 2022

    Decisions, decisions. What colour should you choose for your new deck or wall cladding? NewTechWood has always been at the forefront of introducing new colours to keep up with trends and provide optimal choices for customers. Different countries have different tastes and the popularity of composite decking colours can vary greatly. Whereas bright blue decking […]

  • Castellation Cladding Feature Wall Dalkeith, Perth, WA

    6 Easy Ways to Get Creative With Cladding

    Timber-look cladding and panelling has been around since the 17th century, so while it is nothing new, cladding has come a long way since then.
    Today, we have more options and painted or au naturale, we also have the choice of cladding with natural timber, fibre cement, PVC, and engineered products offering timber-look veneers.

  • Timber and Water – Fencing & Decking for Your Seaside Location

    Here in Perth, especially in the western suburbs, it’s great to live by the beach to find relief from the hot summer sun. However, that scorching sun and that beautiful salty air that feels so great against our skin aren’t so great for our outdoor areas and building exteriors. Special care and consideration need to […]

  • Firepit Table outdoor setting

    Hottest Outdoor Living Designs for 2017 (Updated 2023)

    Summer was designed to be enjoyed. Make the most of it by turning your outdoor living area into a personal outdoor sanctuary – a place where you can invite your friends and family to share lingering afternoons and brilliant summer nights. If your outdoor living area needs revamping and you’re out of ideas, then get […]

  • Front Garden - Castellation Cladding

    Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

    When you decide to use NewTechWood decking, cladding or screening in your home, that’s an investment for years to come. Not only you’ll enjoy your home outdoor without daunting maintain tasks, but this investment will increase the value and appearance of your home. In a hot Australian housing market, selling a home doesn’t require much […]

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