Project specifications

Builder:Pace Built Pty Ltd – Patrick Touma
Project type:New home and new deck build
LocationEarlwood, NSW
Size:Building 600 m2, Property 890 m2: Terrace Decking 55 m2; Castellation Cladding 25 m2; Screening 20 m2


This impressive five bedroom, six bath, six car property ensconced on 890 m2 in Earlwood, New South Wales, was built by NSW builder Pace Built Pty Ltd. They collaborated with architects Bechara Chan and Associates and designers Mia Lake Interiors.

It included 55 m2 of NewTechWood Terrace Decking in Ipe used around the pool, 25 m2 of Castellation Composite Cladding in Ipe used on the louvres and rear pavilion, and 20 m2 Screening, also in Ipe used on the front doors.

Castellation Composite Cladding in Earlwood, New South Wales


According to Patrick Touma of Pace Built, this was their first time using NewTechWood. Initially, he was seeking a composite timber to avoid maintenance due to high-traffic areas like the pool, and hard-to-access areas, such as the blades on the side elevation.

Low maintenance alternative to timber cladding

He compared products and decided NewTechWood was the best product he could find that met all his requirements. In his own words, “Installation was straightforward, design well thought, (product) support was amazing, and it was affordable.”

There was a large team involved in the design. Initially, the team at Bechara Chan and Associates designed for timber cladding. Then Patrick Toumar engaged an interior designer Mia Lake Interiors, who recommended timber decking around the pool.

However, as the builder, Patrick came up with the best way to implement the design as an architectural feature that was easy to construct and offered low maintenance. In this case, low-maintenance composite cladding – NewTechWood.



Colour matched across decking, cladding and screening composite range

However, Patrick said the black with the black aluminium frame was the trickiest to design, however, he drew inspiration from different avenues, especially from flooring suppliers, and the end result speaks for itself.

A major benefit to designers is the ability to match colours across the entire range of NewTechWood’s decking, cladding and screening/fencing profiles.

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