Do you enjoy watching The Block 2021 and all the drama around the five Blockheads teams who have been transforming different houses in Victoria’s suburb of Hampton, turning them into stunning homes?

This reality building show airing on the Nine Network is approaching the grand final this Sunday. For the last ten weeks of its seventeenth season, we were cheering Mitch and Marks’ team, as their latest backyard renovation reveal featured NewTechWood Coastal Decking and NewTechWood Castellation Cladding.

The project specification

Designer:Christian Jenkins Landscape Design
Builder:Charles Bros
NewTechWood Supplier:Buildpro Geelong
Project type:Renovation
LocationHampton, VIC
Size:30m2 “NewTechWood” Coastal Decking in Aged Wood and 29m2 “NewTechWood” Castellation Cladding in Aged Wood

Photo Credit: Christian Jenkins, MitchandMark

We’re proud to be on the Block supplier list and are positive that Mitch & Mark’s backyard is even more stunning thanks to our composite decking and cladding – which have been perfectly incorporated into their Palm-Springs style outdoor living space.

As in the previous 16 seasons, the Blockheads have very little time to turn their design vision into reality, and they have just a couple of days to transform each room.

Palm -Springs Style Garden

NewTechWood composite timber, with its natural timber look and a coastal vibe, fit perfectly into the luxe resort-style backyard –  Mitch and Mark’s backyard theme. Although their outdoor space was the smallest, Mitch and Mark created a relaxed, luxurious, resort-style backyard, with a beautiful flow of entertaining zones, starting with a small lounging area overlooking the pool, then a cabana bar setup within the pool enclosure.

Mitch and Mark, a well-known couple to all The Block fans, turned their love of Palm Springs into a reality with the help of their builders,  Charles Bros, and award-winning landscape designer, Christian Jenkins.

“Mitch and Mark spent a long-time researching for a Melbourne based designer. Once they found out they would be invited to return back to The Block, they reached out and asked if l would be interested in designing and building their garden. We had a couple of meetings and Mitch and l soon decided it would be a Tropical themed garden, working with the large list of sponsors and suppliers that are provided for Backyard week (Plungie Pools, Ceaser Stone Outdoor Kitchen Bench Top and Beacon Lighting).

I have been working to design the space to be as cost-effective as possible. We are proud to say Mitch and Mark were ecstatic with the final result, stating that we went above and beyond with the landscaping brief,” says Christian Jenkins, well-renowned Melbourne based landscape design specialist and the owner of Christian Jenkins Landscape Design and Construction.

This multi-award-winning business prides itself on innovative, creative designs to suit their customers and follow through with the construction process.

Fast and Furious Days on the Building Site

They set out to achieve a Lux resort-style feeling, and all the pieces of the puzzle fit into the tropical vibe vision – from the poolside cabana, Coastal decking, stunning tropical trees and three massive Dragon trees.

The timeline was tight, as the entire team had to transform the backyard in six days. Pumped under the time pressure, the team had to find the right decking product: high-quality, great-looking and with a coastal, luxurious feeling – and NewTechWood Coastal decking ticked all the boxes:

“Once we got started on Day One, we discussed what options we had, and l suggested the NewTechWood decking to Mitch and Mark. l quickly rang Ari Suomalainen from BuildPro Geelong and the next day Nick Fitrolakis from NewTechWood called onto the site to discuss colours and products available, from here we just made it happen. Nick and Ari had the product delivered onsite by Wednesday and we were really making noteworthy progress with the garden,“ says Christian.

Agile NewTechWood and Buildpro Teams

It took less than 48 hours for the Buildpro Geelong and NewTechWood teams to prepare and deliver the NewTechWood boards to The Block building site in Hampton.

“Fast and Furious definitely describes the six days of power! A team of approximately seven men worked together for six days straight undergoing the transformation, at times it gets tricky with cameramen and producers getting in our way as we are trying to complete the garden,” shared Christian Jenkins.

The reveal was amazing and the couple’s dream of a tropical oasis in Brighton became a reality.  Mitch and Mark maximise the indoor-outdoor flow, with the open-plan space that had been enclosed by the pool surround fencing, including the poolside cabana complete with the second kitchen (fridge, BBQ and alfresco dining area).

Decking Installation Complete in Four Hours!

“I love NewTechWood; as a designer, l am always looking for a new edgy product that looks so good. The Coastal decking is a massive favourite of mine and being so wide, the 210 mm profile is quite unique.

The wall cladding is impressive with the shadow lines, and the ease of installation for both products is amazing. We installed the decking in just four hours, and a similar time for the rear fence. The side fixing clips are just fantastic, with no fixing to be seen.”

NewTechWood Cladding and Decking in The Block 2021 winning home!

After the big auction and sale of all homes, Mitch and Mark won the Block 2021! We are thrilled to have our cladding and decking featured on the Block and we wish the best of luck to Mitch and Mark. They have created a home to be enjoyed for a long time – just the same as NewTechWood!

 If you want to create a relaxed, luxurious backyard with high-quality decking, cladding or screening, we have you covered! Contact us to discuss your dream project.

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