About our composite building products


Composite timber products have many advantages over ordinary timbers, not the least of which is the environmental savings. As a raw material less timber is required to manufacture composite timber decking boards which are lighter and stronger than timber. Lower quantities of timber means less pressure on our natural forest timber.

Composite timber decks require no maintenance. They do not need staining or sealing, therefore eliminating the application of fossil-fuel based chemical stains and sealants.

NewTechWood, as an organisation, has its roots in recycling. Over 30 years ago their parent company started as a plastics recycling company based in the United States. Their commitment to recycling led them to evolve into one of the leading manufacturers of engineered composite timber products.

NewTechWood reacted to the growing public concern for environmental sustainability by providing consumers with innovative eco-friendly building materials from a sustainable process. NewTechWood demonstrates its green principles and values through the following positive actions:

  • Products are made from 95% recycled materials, including high-grade recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibres
  • Annual third party audits are conducted to comply with environmental and health & safety guidelines and regulations
  • Reducing their carbon footprint through waste reduction, energy conservation, and utilizing an optimum manufacturing processes


By using recycled goods to manufacture NewTechWood composite timber products, every year NewTechWood saves over 26 Tons  of plastic from being buried in landfills forever.

Since we control the entire recycling process, including the proper washing, sorting and screening for impurities, we know exactly what material is going into our products. Total vertical integration of our manufacturing process allows total control, for consistent quality, and colour. It also allows us to manage our material costs for stable pricing and dependable product availability.

CERTIFICATION The Singapore Green Label issued by the Singapore Environment Council has once again certified that NewTechWood WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Decking is made from at least 50% Recycled Content and is an Environmentally Preferred Product. The identification Number is 043-016-0134.

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