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  • NewTechWood Cladding in Walnur and Decking in Teak

    NewTechWood Colour Guide For a ‘WOW’ Factor

    In the world of home improvement and design world, colour holds a transformative power, shaping the ambience and character of every space it touches. From small home renovation projects to big commercial spaces, the first step is to imagine and craft a space that resonates with the design vision. Colours aren’t just colours – they’re […]

  • UH61 Ipe AMG Home builders (2)

    How Long Does Cladding Last?

    Is there such a thing? It’s a reasonable question: How long does cladding last? Unfortunately, this is a bit like asking “How long is a piece of string?” By “cladding”, we refer to the material attached to the exterior (or interior) of a building’s walls that protects the internal structure from weather and the elements, […]

  • Is Composite Cladding Low Maintenance?

    Is your composite cladding a low maintenance option – we often get asked. Let’s consider what “maintenance” actually means in regard to traditional timber cladding. (This does not apply to composite cladding). With timber cladding, whether you stain it or paint it, within a few years, that stain and paint will start to fade, chip, […]

  • Garden Path Trends For 2023

    Whether your garden is a small affair or a large, verdant landscape lush with plants and ornamentation, statues, fountains, fish ponds, exotic plants, decking, veggie patches or chook pens, you still need to move from A to B easily and safely. Explore the latest garden path trends for 2023 and find the perfect option for […]

  • The deck over concrete with Structural decking frame system

    Can Composite Decking Be Laid Over Concrete?

    The popular question is, “Can composite decking be laid over concrete”? The short answer is yes, you can lay composite decking over concrete, and no, you can’t.  Let us explain. First, why would you want to install composite decking over your pre-existing concrete patio? Many older homes have concrete patios.  Like many things, they require […]

  • outdoor decking with steps

    5 Tips For Measuring Your Deck Area

    You know how it is. You want to build a new deck or replace an old one, and when you go to a reseller for a quote, they first ask: what square meterage are you looking at? So, measuring your deck area is the first step in your building project. How Do You Calculate Approximate […]

  • How to build a deck frame

    Build a frame for your deck: A Guide for DIY enthusiasts and installers

    Can you build a deck frame for your deck? If you are a home handyman or DIY person, then yes, you can install your own deck. We can teach you how to build a deck frame. But, if you are not so experienced, you might prefer to hire an experienced installer.  Let’s see what is […]

  • 5 Sustainable Home Design Ideas

    Before we explore any sustainable home design ideas, we must first ask ourselves what a sustainable home is.  Generally speaking, ‘sustainability’ refers to buildings with little to no impact on the surrounding environment. Their eco-friendly construction hurts no flora or fauna and requires less energy to construct in the first place and less energy to […]

  • Internal Clad Timber Feature Wall

    How to Make a Statement with an Internal Timber Clad Feature Wall

    Here we explore how to make a statement with an internal timber clad feature wall. We’ll delve into various internal cladding ideas that will add texture and create a luxurious feel for your space. We often envision painted gyprock or plasterboard when we think of internal feature walls. We like to decorate our plain walls […]

  • Composite Decking in Terrace (US49) in Silver Grey, Queensland

    Advantages of Composite Materials: 4 Reasons Why the Future Looks Bright

    Homes of the future will continue to push the boundaries of traditional building methods and materials.  It is not just about building “smart” homes, it is about environmentally responsible construction.  Here we explore the advantages of composite materials, as well as other eco-friendly options. Researchers are busy inventing new building materials that can equal or […]

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