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  • NewTechWood Colour Guide For a ‘WOW’ Factor

    In the world of home improvement and design world, colour holds a transformative power, shaping the ambience and character of every space it touches. From small home renovation projects to big commercial spaces, the first step is to imagine and craft a space that resonates with the design vision. Colours aren’t just colours – they’re […]

  • Privacy Screen

    Stylish Privacy at Home: Composite Screening

    Composite timber screening from NewTechWood is a great low maintenance product used to create stylish and privacy areas in your property.

  • Castellation Cladding in Ipe, Sydney

    What To Do if Static Is Affecting Your New Composite Deck

    Static electricity can occur on composite decking, all brands – including NewTechWood – its prone to occur in dry climates (like Australia) where low level humid air combines with dust particles on the deck surface.  There is no simple answer as to why some composite decks generate more static than others: In Australia, we have […]

  • How Long Does Cladding Last?

    Is there such a thing? It’s a reasonable question: How long does cladding last? Unfortunately, this is a bit like asking “How long is a piece of string?” By “cladding”, we refer to the material attached to the exterior (or interior) of a building’s walls that protects the internal structure from weather and the elements, […]

  • One Product, Many Applications: Versatile Composite Cladding

    Applications of NewTechWood’s Composite Cladding

  • Is Composite Cladding Low Maintenance?

    Is your composite cladding a low maintenance option – we often get asked. Let’s consider what “maintenance” actually means in regard to traditional timber cladding. (This does not apply to composite cladding). With timber cladding, whether you stain it or paint it, within a few years, that stain and paint will start to fade, chip, […]

  • Garden Path Trends For 2023

    Whether your garden is a small affair or a large, verdant landscape lush with plants and ornamentation, statues, fountains, fish ponds, exotic plants, decking, veggie patches or chook pens, you still need to move from A to B easily and safely. Explore the latest garden path trends for 2023 and find the perfect option for […]

  • 10 Composite Decking Myths and Misconceptions

    If we got a coin every time when someone says the wrong thing about composite decking… Composite decking myths and misconceptions are still well alive, although composites have been transforming homes and commercial buildings for decades. People love to give advice. Sometimes it’s good; sometimes misguided, and sometimes coloured by their personal prejudices. They mean […]

  • Are Deck Tiles a Worthwhile Investment?

    What Are Deck Tiles? There are many ways to spruce up your home from the outside, and deck tiles are one of the best. They offer an affordable, durable way to change or enhance your home’s aesthetic and are a must-have for most houses. Do you want to renovate your outdoor area quickly but don’t […]

  • What low maintenance really means for the owner: How to create a low-maintenance home

    A low-maintenance home and low-maintenance landscaping mean more free time for you to spend quality time with your family, or a little ‘me-time’ to unwind and enjoy hobbies. Taken further, a low-maintenance home can also save you money down the track. Consider NOT having to buy petrol for a lawn mower – let alone not […]

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