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  • Composite Deck - Commercial Range - Antique

    Do I Need To Seal My Composite Deck?

    Do you need to seal composite decking? And if you do, how do you seal a composite deck?

  • Is Composite Decking Termite Proof?

    Is Composite Decking Termite Proof? Termites are among Australian homeowners’ worst nightmares. Termites, aka “white ants”, are not actually ants, and their food of choice is timber, including wood decking. Their voracious appetites create devastating results. In Australia, there are over 350 varieties of termite. Unfortunately, construction materials that are classified “highly termite resistant” are […]

  • BL Carpentry - Clips Install

    A Guide To Composite Decking Clips

    Unless you are an experienced deck installer, you may find yourself pondering how to build a composite deck and how to install it using composite decking clips. The options may seem a bit overwhelming. Decking Clips Questions for Beginners If you are a real DIY ‘newbie,’ you may even wonder if you need any special […]

  • Why Composite Decking Is an Ideal Pool Surround

    Sometimes, owning a swimming pool isn’t only about keeping cool on a hot day. In addition to providing a healthy and fun form of entertainment for family and friends, there is the “after-swim” experience, involving lazing on the deck doing a spot of suntanning. That’s why composite decking is an ideal pool surround. Some people […]

  • NewTechWood Cladding in Walnur and Decking in Teak

    NewTechWood Colour Guide For a ‘WOW’ Factor

    In the world of home improvement and design world, colour holds a transformative power, shaping the ambience and character of every space it touches. From small home renovation projects to big commercial spaces, the first step is to imagine and craft a space that resonates with the design vision. Colours aren’t just colours – they’re […]

  • Privacy Screen

    Stylish Privacy at Home: Composite Screening

    Composite timber screening from NewTechWood is a great low maintenance product used to create stylish and privacy areas in your property.

  • What To Do if Static Is Affecting Your New Composite Deck

    Static electricity can occur on composite decking, all brands – including NewTechWood – its prone to occur in dry climates (like Australia) where low level humid air combines with dust particles on the deck surface.  There is no simple answer as to why some composite decks generate more static than others: In Australia, we have […]

  • UH61 Ipe AMG Home builders (2)

    How Long Does Cladding Last?

    Is there such a thing? It’s a reasonable question: How long does cladding last? Unfortunately, this is a bit like asking “How long is a piece of string?” By “cladding”, we refer to the material attached to the exterior (or interior) of a building’s walls that protects the internal structure from weather and the elements, […]

  • One Product, Many Applications: Versatile Composite Cladding

    Applications of NewTechWood’s Composite Cladding

  • Is Composite Cladding Low Maintenance?

    Is your composite cladding a low maintenance option – we often get asked. Let’s consider what “maintenance” actually means in regard to traditional timber cladding. (This does not apply to composite cladding). With timber cladding, whether you stain it or paint it, within a few years, that stain and paint will start to fade, chip, […]

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