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  • Low maintenance home

    What low maintenance really means for the owner: How to create a low-maintenance home

    A low-maintenance home and low-maintenance landscaping mean more free time for you to spend quality time with your family, or a little ‘me-time’ to unwind and enjoy hobbies. Taken further, a low-maintenance home can also save you money down the track. Consider NOT having to buy petrol for a lawn mower – let alone not […]

  • Castellation Cladding (UH61) in Aged Wood, Composite Fencing in Aged Wood, Clarendon Homes, Sydney, NSW

    Cladding Designs to Help Style Your Home

    Exterior cladding not only shields the structure of a home from the elements and provides insulation, but it also makes a visual statement.  Most of us are familiar with the various forms of traditional cladding, but when it comes to modern exterior cladding designs, the options extend beyond standard brick, or horizontally laid, external weatherboards. […]

  • NewTechWood Castellation Cladding in Aged Wood

    Composite Decking & Cladding Colours: New Trends for 2022

    Decisions, decisions. What colour should you choose for your new deck or wall cladding? NewTechWood has always been at the forefront of introducing new colours to keep up with trends and provide optimal choices for customers. Different countries have different tastes and the popularity of composite decking colours can vary greatly. Whereas bright blue decking […]

  • The best pool fencing - NewTechWood composite fencing

    Tips to Help You Choose the Best Pool Fencing for You

    Choosing the best pool fencing is a decision faced by many Australians. According to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association, nearly 2.7 million Australians own a swimming pool.  Pool ownership can be an expensive business, not just for the initial installation, but also for the ongoing maintenance required.  One of the initial expenses that must […]

  • gothic spike affordable fencing

    Affordable Fencing Ideas for 2022

    Building a fence around your property is a great security measure, helping to keep intruders out and children and pets in, as well as adding a safety barrier for pools and spas. It also increases your privacy and can help to protect you from strong winds.   Fencing can come in a huge variety of […]

  • Planning building and outdoor projects in 2022

    Building project planning in 2022

    Building a new home during the pandemic has earned a badge of bravery for those willing to take it on, especially with a shortage of building materials and delays in getting it into the country.  Added to this increased demand and surge in prices, many owners and builders have had to opt for other, more […]

  • How to Build a Composite Deck: What You Need to Know

    Installing some composite decking is just one way to increase the value of your home while also providing additional living space for outdoor entertaining. Of course, it’s always an easier option to allow a professional to install a deck for you, but if you can’t or don’t want to, it is possible to do it […]

  • Castellation Cladding Feature Wall Dalkeith, Perth, WA

    Get Creative With Cladding

    Timber-look cladding and panelling has been around since the 17th century, so while it is nothing new, cladding has come a long way since then.
    Today, we have more options and painted or au naturale, we also have the choice of cladding with natural timber, fibre cement, PVC, and engineered products offering timber-look veneers.

  • NewTechWood boosts sustainability credentials by gaining two new environmental credentials, LEED and EPD

    NewtechWood has recently been recognised for excellence in sustainability by achieving two leading green building credentials – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

  • NewTechWood pool decking, patio decking and steps, South Africa

    The Future of Sustainable Home Architecture

    Sustainability is the keyword of future housing, challenging the best architects to follow the sustainable home architecture and design buildings that are not only attractive and functional but also have minimal impact on our environment, as well as providing for the health and comfort of the occupants. Sustainable home architecture can be achieved by applying […]

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